Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Friday

Dress ... Old Navy

Boots ... Target

Earrings ... Old Navy

Headband ... Target

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Detoxing ... before and after (Repost)

I have been working hard in the gym and am on week 3 of my new lifestyle change (learning to enjoy working out), but vacation is in a few days and my stomach just isn't budging on the bloating scale. So, I am detoxing today and tomorrow ... here is my 48-hour process.
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I'm keeping it real in today's post ... showing you all (gasp!) my before and after pictures from the detox I did at the end of March of this year. First, a little background ...
I am a skinny girl. I am 5 feet, 6 inches tall and my preferred weight is 116 - 118 pounds. I am an Italian girl who loves food, loves to eat, and has never suffered from any eating disorders. I have had 2 pregnancies and gained a total of 85 pounds between them. I lost all my pregnancy pounds, but gained a medically unknown condition of extreme bloating. This bloating is more than water weight or gas. In fact, when I swell, nothing can release the pressure and it is quite painful. I have seen several doctors and specialists, been tested for intolerances, prescribed medications, and still can't be diagnosed with a specific problem. I have found detoxes and diet control to help ease my symptoms.
I detox every 2 to 3 months, depending on how my stomach is doing. If I stay on track with a diet of no carbs, no sugar, high protein, I do really well. When I let loose and eat breads, pastas, starches and rice, my symptoms are really bad. (Sounds like a gluten intolerance, I know, but I have been tested and was negative). This is when I detox.
I fast for 48 hours using the detox below ... NutritionWorks Detox Liquid. I drink 2 ounces of the liquid with 2 ounces of water, four times a day for 2 full days. I will have a cup of green tea each day and water. That is all. No food of any kind. I get this at my local Rite-Aid and it retails for $14. You can also get it online - I have seen it on Amazon for a little cheaper.

Is it hard to go 48 hours without eating? Absolutely!! Day one is the toughest ... I am incredibly hungry and cranky. My energy levels go up and down and I sleep really hard at night. Day two is a bit easier on the hunger level, being my stomach is shrinking. If I keep active, energy is great. If I slow down, I get pretty tired. I DO NOT exercise during this period of time. I know my body's limits and exerting too much would not end well for me. And while we are keepin' it real ... you aren't stuck on the toilet with this cleanse either. I have normal bowel movements before, during, and after.
I started my detox on March 27th. I was to the point of pain and I was swollen for longer periods of time. With this condition, I can look 6 months preggo at the end of the day, but by morning I can be back down to normal. It is time to detox when my swelling doesn't go down enough to be comfortable. (My right side sits up a bit higher due to a hip injury I received when I was 15, hence the un-even waist.)

I am not pushing out my stomach at all in my before pictures. That is a 'relaxed' state ... swollen and very hard. After concluding my detox, I lost 6 pounds and 2 inches!! On day three, when I can eat again, I am usually not all that hungry. It takes a little bit to work up an appetite, but I start small.

Do I gain the weight right back? Nope. Not if I keep my diet in check. No carbs and no sugars are my key to maintaining my disorder. While I am not insane about my diet ... there are the simple carbs in the veggies and protein I eat, and I enjoy flavored vodka (straight, not mixed with anything), and I allow a cheat day each week for pizza rolls ... I still have to keep a pretty close eye on what I am eating. The picture above was taken on May 3rd ... 35 days AFTER the detox.
I just finished a detox yesterday. I haven't gotten my diet in check since Vegas (yes, from mid-May) and with the the holidays and summer time, all those carbs caught up to me. I am back to eating how my body wants me to eat and it feels amazing! I always feel awesome after my cleanses with more energy and a clearer mind. Detoxes may not be for everyone, but they sure work wonders for me!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trash Talkin'

According to US Weekly, my trusted source for celebrity gossip, Lindsay Lohan is suing rapper Pitbull, for allegedly de-faming her in his single "Give Me Everything." She claims the song's lyrics "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" will harm her image. Ummm, let me enter exhibits A and B ...I think girlfriend is doing a fine job of damaging her own image. If anything, Pitbull was helping a girl out by name dropping in such a hot song. He should be thanked.
I hope Miss Lindsay can get grips on her life ... she used to be so beautiful and talented!! Drugs, alcohol, DUI's, theft, and rehab do not look pretty on her.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion Friday ... Oregon finally got the memo!

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has finally warmed up into the 80's and 90's!! We got to enjoy some heat afterall!!
Shorts ... Forever 21 ($7)
Sandals ... Nordstrom Rack ($24)

Top ... Charlotte Russe ($15.99)

Tank ... Target ($6)

Bracelets and matching hoop earrings ... Nordstrom

(gifted from my sis-in-law)

Fancy hair band ... a string tie that came out of a sweater in the washing machine!

(I know, very clever of me - ha!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Must add to your 'favorites' file ...

Banana Nut Oatmeal Cookies ... Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting, Skinny Taco Dip ... Coconut Chicken Salad ... is your mouth watering yet?
I could spend hours on this fabulous recipe site! Low-fat, family-friendly recipes created by the sole author, recipe developer and photographer of skinnytaste, Gina Homolka. Each recipe includes a picture (which tempts your taste buds even more), easy-to-follow instructions, and nutritional information!! Everything from breakfasts to drinks, crock-pot dishes and more, Gina creates some amazing meals that you can feel good eating!

Have you checked out yet? What are your favorite recipes?

** I was not contacted by skinnytaste to post a review, nor am I accquainted with Gina, herself (although, we could be bff's if she wants to become my personal chef). I am simply a fan of the site and wanted to share. **

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Favorite Things Swap

Leeann over at Join The Gossip hosted a Favorite Things Swap and I was paired up with the lovely Courtney from Southern Somedays. Check out what goodies came my way!

Essie Nail Color in Sew Psyched - excited for a fall pedicure! I just put tips back on my nails due to super thin nails with severe splitting and tearing issues (ouch), but I am going to adore this color on my toes!!
Gold cuff ... perfect accessory for any occasion! I have paired this up with several outfits already.
Thank you so very much to Courtney for the thoughtful gifts, and to Leeann for hosting such a fun swap!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Look Alive! Make your eyes pop ...

Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil in White ... Sephora, $16

LOVE this eyeliner! Super soft, goes on smooth, blends easily, highlights perfectly, plus Korres only uses natural products in their products. Totally worth the price!!
Line the inside corner of your eyes, around tear duct area. Don't be afraid of thick lines, you will blend the white slightly to look more natural.

The results ... eyes that pop and look well-rested! I love this little trick ... super fast and easy to do, but adds so much to tired eyes such as mine!

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did you know ...

Yes. Yes, I know. I experience this It's a good thing he is so cute.

I have posts scheduled for EVERY day next week! Be sure to check back in ... lots of great stuff to chat about!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Times of impact: 8:47 am, 9:02 am, 9:41 am, and 10 am
Time the burning towers stood: 48 minutes and 102 minutes
Time they took to fall: 12 seconds.
2819 dead from 115 different nations.
343 Fireman & Paramedics, 23 NYPD, 37 Port Authority Officers
For the husband who told his wife I love you one last time before his plane went down in a field. For the wife who stopped in the stairs to call her husband to say I will love you forever. For the mothers and fathers who kissed their kids goodbye the morning they died. For the policemen who rushed in with the firemen to help get others out only to die themselves. For the soldiers who fought back & lost their lives. Today, tomorrow, ten years from now, we will remember and never forget.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'll be back ...

My boys are starting school this week ... my 7-year-old had his first day of 2nd grade today, and my preschooler starts tomorrow! Gosh, kids grow up so fast!! Our schedules are crazy this week, so I will be back to blogging next week ... reviews, recipes and a little trash talkin' ... stay tuned!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello September!

Where did the summer go? It is already time for kids to go back to school (mine start next week), and Fall is just around the corner (yay)!! This week I have been busy as usual, hence the lag in posts, but I am excited for the new routine and schedules that lie ahead!
In between the craziness this week, I was able to have a few moments of 'me' time. You know, for the important stuff, like ...

... adding blue extensions in my hair ...

... getting a Shellac manicure in Totally Teal with glitter topcoat ...

... and catching up on last season's Vampire Diaries. OMGsh, I can.not.wait. for the season premiere on September 15th!!
What have you all been up to? Have a fabulous holiday weekend!!

A Fond Farewell ...

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