Thursday, September 29, 2011

Detoxing ... before and after (Repost)

I have been working hard in the gym and am on week 3 of my new lifestyle change (learning to enjoy working out), but vacation is in a few days and my stomach just isn't budging on the bloating scale. So, I am detoxing today and tomorrow ... here is my 48-hour process.
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I'm keeping it real in today's post ... showing you all (gasp!) my before and after pictures from the detox I did at the end of March of this year. First, a little background ...
I am a skinny girl. I am 5 feet, 6 inches tall and my preferred weight is 116 - 118 pounds. I am an Italian girl who loves food, loves to eat, and has never suffered from any eating disorders. I have had 2 pregnancies and gained a total of 85 pounds between them. I lost all my pregnancy pounds, but gained a medically unknown condition of extreme bloating. This bloating is more than water weight or gas. In fact, when I swell, nothing can release the pressure and it is quite painful. I have seen several doctors and specialists, been tested for intolerances, prescribed medications, and still can't be diagnosed with a specific problem. I have found detoxes and diet control to help ease my symptoms.
I detox every 2 to 3 months, depending on how my stomach is doing. If I stay on track with a diet of no carbs, no sugar, high protein, I do really well. When I let loose and eat breads, pastas, starches and rice, my symptoms are really bad. (Sounds like a gluten intolerance, I know, but I have been tested and was negative). This is when I detox.
I fast for 48 hours using the detox below ... NutritionWorks Detox Liquid. I drink 2 ounces of the liquid with 2 ounces of water, four times a day for 2 full days. I will have a cup of green tea each day and water. That is all. No food of any kind. I get this at my local Rite-Aid and it retails for $14. You can also get it online - I have seen it on Amazon for a little cheaper.

Is it hard to go 48 hours without eating? Absolutely!! Day one is the toughest ... I am incredibly hungry and cranky. My energy levels go up and down and I sleep really hard at night. Day two is a bit easier on the hunger level, being my stomach is shrinking. If I keep active, energy is great. If I slow down, I get pretty tired. I DO NOT exercise during this period of time. I know my body's limits and exerting too much would not end well for me. And while we are keepin' it real ... you aren't stuck on the toilet with this cleanse either. I have normal bowel movements before, during, and after.
I started my detox on March 27th. I was to the point of pain and I was swollen for longer periods of time. With this condition, I can look 6 months preggo at the end of the day, but by morning I can be back down to normal. It is time to detox when my swelling doesn't go down enough to be comfortable. (My right side sits up a bit higher due to a hip injury I received when I was 15, hence the un-even waist.)

I am not pushing out my stomach at all in my before pictures. That is a 'relaxed' state ... swollen and very hard. After concluding my detox, I lost 6 pounds and 2 inches!! On day three, when I can eat again, I am usually not all that hungry. It takes a little bit to work up an appetite, but I start small.

Do I gain the weight right back? Nope. Not if I keep my diet in check. No carbs and no sugars are my key to maintaining my disorder. While I am not insane about my diet ... there are the simple carbs in the veggies and protein I eat, and I enjoy flavored vodka (straight, not mixed with anything), and I allow a cheat day each week for pizza rolls ... I still have to keep a pretty close eye on what I am eating. The picture above was taken on May 3rd ... 35 days AFTER the detox.
I just finished a detox yesterday. I haven't gotten my diet in check since Vegas (yes, from mid-May) and with the the holidays and summer time, all those carbs caught up to me. I am back to eating how my body wants me to eat and it feels amazing! I always feel awesome after my cleanses with more energy and a clearer mind. Detoxes may not be for everyone, but they sure work wonders for me!


Major Gal said...

oh my gosh! i have extreme bloat also, but i don't think it's quite at the level of yours. i also detox. i use Isagenix and I LOVE it. when i wake up in the morning i look at my stomach and i think "wow. i look good. why do i stress about dieting?" but then the day progresses and in no time (usually after my coffee) i'm swelled back up again. It can be painful and sometimes I just want to hug my belly in. I can also look pregnant and I'm a pretty slim gal. Thanks for sharing!!

poopsie said...

wow, that is amazing april! i wish mine was bloating, mines just fat :) but i a have been wanting to find a detox to get my yuckies out. i will try this one for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

you look awesome!!! good suggestion if i never need a detox.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar detox I've been waiting to use. Your results are great & I think I'd definitely benefit!

Dana said...

You look great! I think I may have to try this detox soon!

Unknown said...

Girl I'm definitely bookmarking this post for sure!!! I'm going to try it sometime next week and will shoot you a full report and maybe pics too. Thx for sharing girl.

<3 Marina

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Wow looks like it def works. I just don't know if I can go for two days only having a total of 16oz. I think it'd literally have to eat something. Is the detox only for bloat? Or does it help kickstart a diet for everyone?

Nikosmommy said...

wow! I will have to try this product forsure! I too have major bloating issues since i had my kids (though not nearly as severe as your disorder). My big issue with detox cleanses is the laxative effect that so many of them have, but since you say this product doesn't send u running to the bathroom i may have to try it!

Aiden and Grant's Mommy said...

Unknown said...

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asdasd said...


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