Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion Friday

My kindergartner had a class play yesterday in which he was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I must say, I am pretty proud of his acting skills and how absolutely adorable he looked with the rest of his class performing their 10 minute play for friends and family.
Here is what I wore to the performance, pictures compliments of my little man ...

Oatmeal Crewneck Sweater: B.P. Nordstrom
Brown Layer Tank: Realitee (Nordstrom)
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind 'A Pockets'
Buckle Flats: Walmart (and only $15!!)
Necklace: American Eagle

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I absolutely love Lauren Graham! I was obsessed with Gilmore Girls (I laughed with them, I was sad when they were sad, and I cried hysterically when it ended ... ain't no shame). After seeing this preview of her new show, Parenthood (coming out in March), I am pretty excited! I just hope I don't try to compare Lauren's new character with Lorelei. Gosh, I sure do miss those girls. If only Rory would have married Logan .... sigh.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh, Heidi.

You are one crazy chica. You married an ass. You have annoyed the snot out of us all. And you honestly in your heart think that you are a pop music sensation (uh, did you see how many hundreds of albums you have sold?). Now you are addicted to plastic surgery. Here's my opinion on that matter ... 10 procedures in one operation - not too smart. You could have died. In fact, didn't you say you almost did? But anyways ... you go girl! You've got the money (or the high spending limit on your Visa card), so do your thang! If I had the cash, there are a few things I would like to take care of, too. Ain't no shame in wanting to look your best. Sure, you seemed to have aged yourself in the process, but what-ev. It's your body. Just be safe about it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pearly Whites

I am a tea drinker, so I always feel like my teeth aren't always as white as I would like them to be. My dentist begs to differ and always compliments me on how beautiful my teeth are, but I just can't help but see them as not-so-white. I brush at least twice a day, carry mini brushes in my purse, and I can not stand fuzzy teeth! That being said, I also can't handle teeth whitening procedures. Whether it be the do-it-yourself strips or trays, to the fancy machines, my teeth are way too sensitive. The pain is too unbearable and my whole head just throbs. Not fun.
So, browsing the toothbrush aisle at Target, I came across a cute purple (of course) brush that was calling out to me from the shelf. The Crest Pro Whitening SpinBrush was shining brilliantly with a halo of sparkles. Well, not really. That's what I told my hubby who wanted to know why I spent $6.99 on a toothbrush. Anyways, the selling point that caught my eye was that it would whiten teeth in about 2 weeks. Huh. No special toothpastes, no chemicals, no trays or ultra-violet rays of light. Just brush with this battery operated brush for 14 days and see whiter teeth. Call me a sucka' crazy, but I think it is actually working. My teeth seem shinier, and a shade or so whiter. I didn't take any before/after pics (cuz now I am too self-conscious and don't want y'all staring at my teeth), but bottom line ... I like my new tooth brush, and there may just be one in my girly giveaway coming up!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to be a grown-up ... blah!

Last night I filed our taxes, online, and in the comfort of my own bed! Every year, I e-file through Turbo Tax. Super simple, and pretty well priced. No hassles, everything is laid out in easy-to-follow instructions, and your returns are double-checked for accuracy and audit risk. My refunds are expected within the next 8-14 days, and my files are all stored in my account for future reference. Not too shabby ... give it a try!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fashion Friday ... Girls Lunch Date!

Had lunch with the girls last weekend and got dressed up for the occasion. The shoes, although so very cute and a steal at Ross for $19.99, were terribly uncomfortable! Ugh. Don't ya just love breaking in new shoes?

I ♥ my girls!

Trouser Jeans: See Thru Soul (Nordstrom)

Cami: found this in a cute little boutique and I heart the seafoam color!

3/4 sleeve cardigan: Express - they have the best cardigans evah!

Shoes: Steve Madden (reg. $89.99) from Ross
Necklace: American Eagle
Ring: K Mart

Fashion Friday brought to you by Miss Summer ... check her out!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shoe Society

Kim Kardashian has a shoe club. Oh yes. A shoe club! And of course, I had to join. Here's the deets: $39.95 a month, Kim Kardashian and her team of stylists pick out 5 pairs of shoes based on your style profile, you choose which pair you think are the hottest, and they send them to you. A new pair of shoes delivered to your door (free shipping), and yours to keep. If you don't end up loving them in person, or if they don't fit right, send them back (they give you a shipping label!) for an exchange or credit for another pair. Here's another awesome perk ... you can skip months and not be charged. Don't need a new pair of shoes every month? Opt out whenever you want. The oh-so-fly chica over at Martinis or Diaper-Genies? taught me all about this club and she stands on her toilet to model her shoes for all to see. She is awesome.
So here's my first pair of shoes ... what do you think??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skin MD Natural Winner!!

Thanks so much for all of you who entered the Skin MD Natural giveaway! Here is the lucky winner of a full size bottle of this great lotion ....
Jenny said...
I'm constantly looking for a good moisturizer. My knuckles crack and bleed in the winter from being so dry! I like their concept of keeping moisture in and irritants out.
Congrats!! I sure hope this can help out with your dry hands this winter! Please email me at with your shipping info, so I can pass it along to Skin MD Natural!
I haven't forgotten about my 200+ Followers giveaway! I have been gathering some fabulous girly goodies and will be posting my giveaway in just a couple weeks!! xoxo

Wordless Wednesday

My Boys

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Workin' It

I am starting week 3 of my 'getting in shape' resolution and I must say that I am quite surprised that I have lasted this long! I am eating right (and totally not starving myself) and hittin' the gym a few times a week. I am determined to not get bored, so I took a cardio kickboxing class last night to keep me from draggin' my feet on the eliptical. My energy levels are up, I am working on the bloated gut, and trying to keep my mind off the scale (because I actually gained a pound last week and I am not ready to talk about it). So far, so good in my book (other than that stinkin' pound. I blame the pizza)! Plus, I am finding that my mood by the end of the day is picking up. Definitely not so crabby, so the gym must be a good stress relief! How are your goals coming along? Any advice to keep me motivated? I need lots of kudos here girls, because working out SUCKS and being in the last year of my 20's is showing me that I can no longer pig out on the junk comfort foods and wake up the next morning lookin' all slender and toned. My metabolism has always been good to me, but apparently it feels it is time to slow it down a bit.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pucker Up

MAC LustreGlass in Angel Wing
My sis-in-law gave this to me and I love its sheer, berry color.

MAC DazzleGlass in Money, Honey
How hot is this color? Super sparkly and a fave for going out!

MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel
Recommeded by Miss Farah, I absolutely adore this shade and wear it daily!
Thanks, girly!!

What are your fave lip colors?

PS ... Don't forget to enter the giveaway! It ends on Wednesday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fashion Friday

You definitely won't be seeing a lot of high-fashion, top model looks here. Mostly jeans and random tops I have in my closet. I am all about comfort, especially running around with 2 rowdy boys. I rock what I got, and hope you enjoy! :o)

Jeans: Seven For All Mankind, Flynt
Oatmeal Cami: Old Navy
Brown 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan: Express (love this cardy and its jewel buttons)
Wedges: Tribeca
Necklace: Aerie

Fashion Fridays brought to you by the oh-so-fab, Summer! Check her out!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fo' Shizzle

I am lovin' me some Wendy Williams! Who watches her show each day? No drama 'bout baby daddies, just some fab celeb guests, dancin' in the audience (woot woot!) and gossip!
So this last week, Wendy had Snoop Dogg on the show. Snoop and I go way back ... since the days of Gin and Juice with tha Dogg Pound. He's my homie. He's got a new album out ... (his 10th!) Malice in Wonderland, so he was pluggin' the album. Near the end of this interview, Wendy did a shout-out for Snoop's new promotion with Tom Tom (you know, the portable gps units?). In true O.G. (original gangsta') style, here is Snoop doin' his thang!
(Skip to the 5:45 mark on the video)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Skin MD Natural Giveaway!

Last month I was contacted by a representative from the skin care company, Skin MD Natural and asked to review their shielding lotion. Now, as you already know, I heart Burts Bees Milk and Honey Nourishing body lotion. For years I used every brand of lotion from Vaseline to Jergens to Johnson & Johnson. I was never completely satisfied with the moisturizing levels and my skin was always left dry and itchy. I read about Burts Bees products in a magazine about 2 years ago, and haven't used any other lotion since.
I agreed to test out Skin MD Natural, simply because I am all about natural lotions. I was actually amazed with this product! I have never had a lotion absorb almost instantly into my skin. Every lotion I have used, including Burts Bees, leaves a layer of lotion that sits on top of my skin. Skin MD Natural penetrates quickly and leaves no residue behind.
To best give you an idea of what this company is all about, here is some information from Skin MD Natural's website:

Shielding Lotions are a new type of skin care product based on years of research into how skin heals. They form a protective shield with the outer layer of skin and help keep out irritants. They allow the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better and they're light in texture so they go on without a greasy mess. Your skin needs help to keep out these moisture-robbing irritants.

Skin MD Natural™ utilizes the latest developments in skin care technology as well as the most effective natural ingredients to restore your outer layer of skin's natural ability to protect against dangerous toxins and irritants as well as to reduce the loss of natural oils and moisture. A shielding lotion replaces the barrier that's stripped away with the daily use of most soaps and cleansers.

Dermatology tested
No animal products or testing
Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic
Fragrance and colorant free
Paraben free

This line of products can also be used to help treat such skin disorders as eczema, psoriasis, and thyroid issues. Skin MD Natural is formulated for your hands, body, and your face and has absolutely no fragrance!
Bottom line, this is a great product! I even used it on just-shaved legs (which is when my skin tends to be the most sensitive). My hubby tested this as well and thought highly of it as well. It is also safe for children.

Skin MD Natural is feeling generous and would like to give away a full size bottle of their Shielding Lotion to one of my lucky readers! Here's how to enter:

First up, you gotta be a follower of my blog. Your fab self needs to be in that awesome lil' box in my sidebar. You don't need to have a blog to enter, just be sure to leave your email address if you don't have a blog link when commenting.

Next, please visit the Skin MD Natural website and take a peek at all the great information on this breakthrough technology in skincare. Leave me a comment here telling me how you could benefit from this shielding lotion.

Re-posting on Twitter, Facebook, and on your own blog earns you extra entries, so please spread the word!! Add another comment telling me you did so. Giveaway ends on Wednesday, January 20th at 8pm pst. Winner will be announced that evening, so be sure to check back in!

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