Monday, December 29, 2008

Countdown to Cabo (updated)

Two weeks. 6 pounds. I accept your challenge Special K! It's a good thing I like cereal.

** Day One ... Not the best day to start my period AND a diet. Ugh! I ate my two bowls of cereal, and an extra 1000 calories or so. Not too bad for day one, but I definitely need to improve. The first couple days are always tough ... add an overdue period (I have an IUD, so there is no schedule there), and my crabby ass is HUNGRY!!! **

4 shout-outs!:

Ang said...

ugh i am taking the weight watchers challenge (again). anxious to hear how the special k goes! :)

amy s said...

good girl!!!! i am down 15 on weight watchers now....keep it up!

Jodee said...

I would never last on that diet- I have to have SUGAR! Good Luck, your such a good girl:)

Jodee said...

THAT SUCKS! What a way to start the old diet! Could be worse- You could be in Cabo San Lucas with a sucky ole period! That would of been my luck! I sure hope your not snowed in anymore- least you can get OUT of the house! I got one more day at home this week- and cant wait to make a bust away from the fridge!

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