Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I simply cannot have these little things in my house! Hostess Chocolate Mini Donettes ...!! Seriously - I have probably had about 16 of these things today ... no joke! And, according to the trusty nutritional facts, 3 of these donettes pack 220 calories!! That's over 1100 calories that I have devoured in donuts alone!! Aaaaaah!!!!! Help. Please help! I am out of control!! Hostess ... if by some rare chance you are reading my blog (I know, I have high hopes for myself), can you please remove the calories in these delicious little treats? Or maybe just lie about their nutritional values - I won't tell anyone, pinky swear!

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Dana said...

Oh those are so good. I am glad I don't have a box here at home today while I am snowed in. I would seriously have eaten the whole thing by now.

Love your new background!

andrea said...

Oh goodness, I have the same problem. As tempting as they are on the shelf I just can't buy them or I'll win do the same. I have no self control when it comes to these :)

B, A, H & C said...

oh honey, i can not control myself either. so just sit back, enjoy the fat free, calorie free donuts with a nice cup of tea! oh...and eat a few for me!

Jen said...

I am kinda hungry and those look really good. I could use about 16 right now.

Timi said...

I love those things! I'm a big fan of Entemans too. Now that your that far in to the box you should just enjoy the rest of them. I suggest chasing them with a Diet Coke. That takes away some of the calories.
It's Christmas! Just enjoy yourself and start over in Feb.
Statistics show that if you start in Jan. you have a better chance of failing so start in Feb.

More, More, More said...

oh yes - I love those too. I can't buy them or I'll eat them all but right now I could go for a box!

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