Friday, December 19, 2008

Wash Your Hands

Those who know me laugh at how funny I am about germs. I am definitely not crazy, but I do always have antibacterial on hand. My boys have also developed an awareness of the germs around them (thanks to me scaring the life out of them), and they too, remind me and others when they need antibacterial on their hands. I am not a fan of public bathrooms and will only use them in an emergency situation (and even then, I will go to the ones I know are cleaned regularly). And forget about porta-potties - ain't no way I am stepping foot into one of those nasty little boxes!
So being couped up inside the house due to our lovely weather, I have spent a lot of time online ... gotta stay sane somehow! My germaphobia isn't extreme to the point of researching, but I, of course, was intrigued when Yahoo posted an article on the home page. Germ Cesspools: The Top 5 Dirtiest Places. Public magazines, office computers, the gym, shopping cart handles, and subway poles were the top five on this list. Gross, but I already knew these ones! Took it one step further and found this list Soap Up! The 12 Germiest Places In Your Life. Your kitchen sink, airplane bathrooms, a wet load of laundry, public drinking fountains, shopping cart handles, ATM buttons, your purse, playgrounds, the gym, your bathtub, your office phone, and the remote control in a hotel room. YUCK!! Click on the titles to see why these places are on the list ... and go get your self some alcohol-based antibacterial gel!!

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Jen said...

you are too funny. I have a friend RIL just like this. I am so the opposite. Not to say that we are dirty all the time but I am certainly not a germaphobe.

Jodee said...

I am a borderline germaphobe! I watched a 20/20 episode of this stuff....So sorry your still in the house! We had a high temp today of 73....I don't like that kind of weather this time of year....I like to save it for January and then I get spring fever....yep spring fever in January! haha

Dana said...

I am a semi-germaphobe. I do carry antibacterial with me at all times and use it quite often. I am always scared of what little things are lingering in hotel rooms when we travel.

And as a matter of fact I just signed up on Ebates last night and made my 1st purchase. I also put you down as the person who referred me! Thanks for posting that link, I can't wait to do more shopping :)

Sasha said...

If you'll send me you email address, I'll add you to the nail blog!

barelytogether at yahoo dot com

Anniebanannie said...

Oh wow...I'm JUST like this!!! Even to the point where my friends and family laugh at how weird I am about touching things and things my kids touch. Hotels and I don't mesh well. When you think about things in's enough to send someone over the edge!

When I pick my oldest up from school, he gets in and antibacterial goes on his hands...poor kid.

However, I just finished my course in microbiology and have come to terms that bacteria live EVERYWHERE no matter how much you clean and scrub...those little microorganisms still lurk behind. It's gross, but it's also inevitable, so I've realized that I can't totally wipe everything away.

Anyway...sorry to write so much! I could keep going...maybe I should blog about it!

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