Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh what a day ...

"BOYS! Stop playing hockey with Baby Jesus and go put him back in the manger with his mommy and daddy!!!"

Yes, I said this to my boys today. Sigh. Some days are crazy around here, but I am so thankful I am a mommy to boys!! They make me laugh, even when I am picking boogers out of my hair (thanks, Sean)!!

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Emily said...

As a mommy, we totally find the most bizarre combination's of words coming out of your mouth.

One of mine, "Are you eating the couch cushions again?"
Or, "Don't bite the dog"
Or, "I don't want you 'reading' mommy's bible" (huh?)

You just kind of stop, chuckle at yourself and keep going.

And EWWWW...I don't think I've ever picked boogers out of my hair.
Silly Sean.

Emily said...

"words coming out of OUR mouths"


BTW...I've probably had boogers in my hair and not known it...
that's even worse.

Jackie said...

I've been having one of those weeks! Not day . . . week!!! Thank goodness for husbands and weekends. Oh yeah, and the ability to tell ourselves the infamous saying, "this too shall pass!" LOL
I must admit that playing hockey with Baby Jesus is pretty creative though - ha, ha!

Jodee said...

I have seen the boogers...on my clothes where mine wipes them on me! YUCK....Glad I got two boys too! I know I coudln't handle the girls when they got to be teenagers....God knew what he was doing when he gave me two boys!

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