Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday!!!

HURRY ... you only have a few more hours to take advantage of DOUBLE CASH BACK earnings when you shop online through ebates!! Sign up takes a couple seconds (really!), and if you add my email address as the person who referred you, we will both get $10 bonuses! I'm talking about cash back in the form of a Big Fat Check delivered right to your house!! There are hundreds of stores to shop from - Target, Walmart, Nordstrom's, Sephora, and so many more!!! Go on and start shopping and earning your cash!!

A HUGE thank you to my new friend Jodee who signed up and started shopping!! She referred me and we both received an extra $10!! Yay!!

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JenWebb702 said...

I signed up and used you as my reference. I am not a huge online shopper...but figure that $10 is $10 for both of us.
Love ya!

Kristen Ferretti said...

Hi April, I thought Id check out your blogs that you left on my myspace... I love your blogs! They drew me in lol.. I've been reading them while watching The Hills.. anyway I signed up for this using you as a reference so now we get $10.. Yay!

April said...

Thank you girls!!! Much love!! :o)

Jodee said...

I was posting last night- then got bed! But I managed to dream about Ebucks all night long!

on the bottom of my sidebar- it has the link to the background- it was just as easy to change as the one you have...but she only has 2 holiday ones- but i love her halloween ones for the next year!

Kristen Ferretti said...

Hey, glad to help... I made a blog account on here as well... with the intent to blog, we shall see lol... I'm still trying to set the thing up, I'm not so computer savvy. I put you as one of my favs.TTYL

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