Monday, December 22, 2008

This woman is NUTS!!

She should be tested for mental disorders ... this family is INSANE! And they want more!!! (Click on picture for story)

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WSU Laura said...

I cannot fathom being pregnant that many times. It would scare me to have more of them than us, the parents. The thing I admire about this family is how they support themselves, how they built their house as a family and how the older children help with the younger children.

Jodee said...

That story is just amazing...I worried everyday about 2 kids being way I would EVER have another kid, I am a worry wart! Oh and i HATE being pregnant...that lady has got to have mental issues, I just want to get away and relax for her! Just looking at everyone hovering over makes me want to take some meds for her! I don't know what I did wrong, but my kids would NEVER sit that still and nice...mine would be jumping on the bed! She basically has been pregnat for the last 20 years.....THAT SUCKS!

Betsy said...

Geez! That woman is CRAZY!
If each morman child is a light on the stairway to heaven this lady has to be getting close! She could probably light the stairway of the Empire State building by now!

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