Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Corny

I couldn't think of a better title for this post, especially being the topic is about corns. Yes, corns - the ones you get on your feet. Well, maybe not you in particular, but I dare to admit that I have corns. I have one on the bottom of each foot in the same exact spot, right on the middle of the ball (on that pad under my toes). My doc says I have bony feet and that the pressure I put on them causes these hard calluses. They can get pretty painful, but I have learned to deal with them, and file them down if need be. If you are grossed out now, so sorry! I keep it real here, people!
So anyways, I was skimming through a magazine and came across an article on how to remove corns. Apparently, you soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes, then take a fresh pineapple and cut a square of the fruit to place on the corn. Take first-aid tape and tape the pineapple to your foot, put a plastic bag over your foot, then a sock, and leave on overnight. It may take 4 consecutive nights, but the combo of fruit acids and enzyme bromelain found in pineapple will cause the corn to fall right off.
Huh. Unfortunately, I can't stand sleeping in socks, let alone plastic bags and fruit taped to my feet! If anyone has tried this - does it actually work? I had never heard of such thing, nor do I plan on trying it. Oh, and for the record ... the feet in the pic are not mine. I don't walk around on rose petals around here. Found the pic on Yahoo Images. :o)


Jodee said...

that was a laugh! I thought OMG she has gone and done this for 4 days and now she is letting us all know it works! That sure does sound like A LOT of work!

Sorry, I have other issues with my feet! lol If there is a cure for man feet...let me know!!! I hate my toenails- they always break they are always short!! Which makes pedicures still look like crap on my feet! I don't know why I bother- I bet those women are laughing everytime they see me come in!!! One guy asked me if I liked short toenails?! I was like NO!!! I had to laugh cause it is so embarrassing!!!

Loved your title to the story too! Your such an orignial!!! Sorry your corns hurt you too....Hope you find something to fix it!!!

poopsie said...

okay...first, thanks for your honesty. :) and no, never tried this one. i dont think i could stand it for one night muchless multiple nights. :) you are hilarious!

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