Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Steal of a Deal !!

Last week, I blogged about rain boots ... cuz y'all know it rains here in Oregon. I browsed online at several brands, and one happened to stand out more than others, but they are spendy. Too spendy, in my opinion, for rubber shoes. Walking through Nordstrom a couple days after my boot research, I noticed the cute little display of Hunter boots in the kids department. Hmmm ... remember how I purchased my first pair of Uggs? Could it be the same situation?
I had the sales associate grab me a pair in size 6, which is usually equivalent to a women's size 8 (this is still very puzzling to me, but whatever).
She assured me that this is true with the Hunters as well, because she wears a women's size 7 and just bought herself the boots in a kid's size 5.
So check this out ... Hunters will cost you $125 for their 'Original Tall' boot in the women's department. Hunter boots in the kid's department are $75. If you wear a size 8 or under, you can snag these boots in the kid's department, saving yourself $50!!

There are a couple differences in the 2 size categories. First off, the boot shaft height in the women's sizes (according to the size chart) is 38 cm. The kid's height is 31.5 cm. A bit of a difference, but not enough for me to wanna pay an extra $50 for. The only other difference I have found is that the back of the kid's boots have 2 light gray patches that reflect headlights (for safety). They do not affect the style or overall look of the boots, so again - not worth $50 to worry about.
The height of the boot is actually very comfortable and doesn't hit me too high ... I am 5 foot 6. I haven't actually tried on the women's boot, but I did measure the height with a tape measure, and I actually prefer the shorter version.

Of course, I had to snag the zebra fleece liners. You save a little here too ... in the kid's department, the Welly Socks cost $20 instead of $30. The cable cuff socks are $35 vs. $40. I adore the cable cuffs, but they weren't being offered in the kid's department at the time I had purchased (I now see they are online). I couldn't purchase the women's Welly Socks due to the height difference in the boots, so I opted to go with a leg warmer! These ones were a part of the Half-Yearly Sale, DKNY for $14. Not too shabby!

For picture purposes, I wore rolled up capris to show off the boots better, but these are going to be awesome to wear over skinny jeans and leggings! They are actually really comfortable for a rubber shoe, too! They are pretty soft and aren't too stiff to walk in. We have been having beautiful (sunny) fall weather here in the Pacific Northwest so far and I haven't been able to wear them out and about yet, but be assured you will see them in future Fashion Friday posts!
*Side Note*
Normally, I would think long and hard about spending $75 for a pair of shoes. It definitely helped that I had a $50 gift card to use towards my purchase ($25 for Hunters - oh yeah!!), but if you want to save even more on your purchase, buy them online through Ebates!! You can earn anywhere from 4 to 10 percent CASH BACK on your purchase!! If you aren't already signed up for this money-earning site that PAYS you to shop, then please do so and use me as your reference ( aprilbaker23@yahoo.com ). I will post more about this fabulous site in a couple weeks, but if you must shop now, get signed up and start earning your cash!!


TLF said...

I love rainboots and I love ebates!

bananas. said...

WHAAATTT!?! i'm so on it! i have a pair of hunters that i love but that are way too tall for my miniature legs. gotta scope the kids section from now on. thanks for the tid bit!

bananas. said...

WHAAATTT!?! i'm so on it! i have a pair of hunters that i love but that are way too tall for my miniature legs. gotta scope the kids section from now on. thanks for the tid bit!

Dana said...

Love those! So cute!! May have to check those out :)

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