Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where my girls at ?

I love my blog. I love rambling away and sharing my opinions. Most importantly, I love to entertain, which means I love the comments. No joke - comments make my blog world go 'round. I lose pep in my step when I post something and I don't get any feedback. Yes, I am needy. VERY needy!! I am who I am, and I have to feel wanted and loved at all times.
This being said, I have contemplated shutting down my blog. Sad, I know. It breaks my heart to even have such thoughts, but my lil' heart can't take the sadness of peeps not showin' the love. I hate talking to myself and some days (a lot of days lately), I feel like I am in a room full of crickets.
I love hosting giveaways and giving away freebies (whether from fabulous companies or from my very own pocket), but I am not into bribing people to love dot...dot...dot... - that is the total opposite of who I am. Love me for me, or move on. Plain and simple.
So here's my question girls ... what do you wanna see more here on my blog? Are you into the fashion topics, beauty products and reviews, celebrity gossip, or are you simply here for the goodies? I want honest feedback here (I am a big girl and prefer it straight up) ... tell me your likes AND dislikes. I want this to be a fun place for me and for you, and because I am such a comment whore, I need your input!!!! I will hide the comments on this post, so feel free to open up (you can even choose to be anonymous if you wanna).
I am taking a blog break for the rest of the year to enjoy Christmas and New Year's with my family, but I will be back and fresh-faced for 2011!! April Showers already has my deposit for my new blog design, so I will definitely be back!
Thank you so very much for all the time and love and a special thank-you to my regular friends who comment on almost everything I post!! Lots of Love!!!

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