Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashion Friday ... Anniversary Date

Thank you so very much for the sweet anniversary comments!! My hubby and I had a great night out celebrating with dinner and some shopping! He knows me so well - ha ha!

My outfit came right outta my closet ... I love when I don't have to stress about buying something new!
Top: Nordstrom Rack ($14)
Shorts: Forever 21 ($7)

Shoes: Shoe Dazzle ... Kim Kardashian's shoe club ($39.95)


Of course, I didn't rock the heels while shopping. This girl has had enough blisters on her feet to learn her lesson in life. I brought along my Roxy zebra flip flops to run around in. Tune in each Friday to see some of my cute finds!!


sprinkles said...

Very cute!

I wish I could rock an outfit like that. Unfortch, I have MAY-JER body issues so I'd never wear shorts that short except in the comfort of my own home behind closed doors.

Shelley said...

Daaaaang girl! Look at those legs!! lol! Your hubby is a lucky man! ;-) Cute outfit!

TLF said...

Cute outfit!!

Anonymous said...

Super cute shoes & hawt legs!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations doll!!! Cute couple and you look stunning. HELLO LEGS

<3 Marina

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