Monday, January 30, 2012

Damn you, Pinterest!!!

Oh My Goodness!!! It's a slight sickness. My hubby looks at me like I have lost my mind. And I kinda have. Pinterest. For those of you who know this site all too well, then you already know the addictive powers it possesses. For those who haven't been properly introduced, you wouldn't understand. Hours, upon hours, upon hours ... I can't get enough. Mindless browsing, endless dreaming, crafty ideas that stick in my brain even when the computer has been turned off.
This weekend, I decided to get all crafty for a minute and go on a little DIY project. I searched high and low at several stores for a spice rack. Not the carousel style, but one that can hang on a wall. What for, you may ask?
Nail polish.
My nail polish collection that I keep in a shoe box.
No such luck on finding this said spice rack that I saw a DIY pin for, that was all painted up and looking cute and fancy. Sigh.
One last stop at a Ross store, and walking up and down each aisle (because you know nothing is ever put where it belongs), I came across a shower caddy. Shelves and hooks ... an idea popped into my temporarily crafty little mind!
Nail polishes and accessories!!
How great is this?!? I added some pretty cardstock into the bottom of the shelves so the polishes sat up better on the wires. Eventually I will spray paint this in a fabulous teal color, but for now, and for $9.99, I have a great little storage area to display my polishes and jewelry. What do you think, peeps?


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Pin it and link to your blog if you haven't already!!

TLF said...

Great idea!
I keep all my nail polish in a makeup bag.. so original. HA!

sprinkles said...

Everyone tells me how addicting pintrest is. I tried to create an account but it didn't seem like it was working. Now I find out people are following me but I can't get into my account!

I love your polish holder! I keep mine on a lazy Susan. I'm getting too many though so I need to rethink that idea.

Tracy D said...

What a great it!!

Unknown said...

This is a great rack girly to hold all sort of stuff. I'm on pinperest too but I have yet to do much on it ... I'm scared....another addiction...OH NO...LOL

<3 Marina

C said...

Great idea!

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