Monday, March 26, 2012

I tried it ... and will never be without it again!!

Dry skin, wrinkles, under-eye puffiness and dark circles ... I thought being in my 30's was supposed to be fun? Recently, I have been experiencing these issues with my eyes. Fancy eye treatments are simply not in my budget, so I did a little online research to see what the hottest and affordable eye care products were out on the market.
Clinique's All About Eyes constantly popped up on top pick lists, claiming to show dramatic results in minimizing these common problems. There are 2 formulas in the All About Eyes series, one being Rich. That's the one I decided to try, afterall, the more hydration the better, right?
Here is Clinique's overview of All About Eyes Rich, found on Sephora's website:

All About Eyes™ Rich
What it is: A moisturizing eye treatment that helps minimize the look of dark circles, shadows, and puffiness.
What it is formulated to do: This brightening eye cream works instantly and over time to diminish the look of undereye circles, shadows, and fine lines. Its botanical ingredients de-puff and calm the eye area. It also boosts natural collagen production while strengthening skin's moisture barrier against common irritants.
What else you need to know: This hydrating product sends puffy eyes packing with a formulation that is ophthalmologist tested and ideal for all skin types.

I popped into Sephora with a $25 gift card I had burning a hole in my pocket. A sales rep tried to convince me that Philosophy had the most amazing eye serum known to man, however it's $49 price tag was just too steep for me. I debated on the 2 formulas of All About Eyes, and decided the extra hydration and creamier product of the Rich version will better suit my needs. The price tag ... $29 for the .5 oz size.
I rushed it home and immediately dabbed it under my eyes ... already soothed the dry feeling! I now use it twice a day, once before my makeup goes on in the morning, and right before bedtime after washing my face. I am LOVING the hydration that my skin is soaking up!! I will even dab it between my eyes on my nose, and between my eyebrows where fine lines are becoming not-so-fine.
Now, is this product performing miracles on the puffs and dark circles? Eh. Not quite sure yet. I am only about a week and a half into using this, but we will see. I tend to sleep pretty hard and puffiness and dark circles are pretty genetic in my family. I have even passed them on to my oldest son (sorry, Bubba). What about the fine lines? I am not convinced just yet that this cream is going to build up enough collagen to make these lines disappear. I have a hard time believing that ANY topical product can conquer such tasks, but again, we will see. Pretty sure Botox is in my future.
Bottom line, I am really happy with this product. You don't need very much of it, and I think this jar will last me months! Definitely worth $29!!
Is there an eye product that you are head-over-heels for? Please share!!


Anonymous said...

I have used it before. It definitely hydrates and diminishes puffiness, but it did nothing for my dark circles. I should probably get some again to use with my Erase Paste.

C said...

I'm always searching for a good undereye cream. I have dark circles like crazy!

Nicole said...

I use Origins GinZing Eye cream...I've been pretty happy with it and it too lasts forever for such a small jar!

Molly said...

I may need to try this for my tired mommy eyes! Thanks, love!

Kyla Makay said...
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Kyla Makay said...

So cheep.
Not as gross as Vaseline... but just as moisturizing.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I need to find a product good for eyebrow/forehead lines. I think I give the WTH look too much bc I have THOSE facial wrinkles lol!

Unknown said...

This is by far my #1 eye cream ever. I used it for many years now and even though I love to adventure with new products I always seemed to go back to this one. LOVE IT.

<3 Marina

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