Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am going camping y'all!

My fam and I are going camping with my bestie and her fam. Like real camping. Outdoors. In. A. Tent.
Now, I do not consider myself to be prissy at all, but this chica does not like dirt. I have a hard time at the beach because of sand (eww!) and walking barefoot outdoors gives me the heeby-jeebies! I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe when it comes to public bathrooms, too. Unless it's an emergency, I ain't using one. And porta-potties? Hell to the NO!
So why am I going camping, you might be wondering?
Because all my friends are doing it.
I've got 2 boys who love the great outdoors, and what kind of momma would I be if I wasn't up for a little adventure every now and then? I like the art of surprise, and let me tell ya - my husband is SHOCKED that I am actually planning such a trip. Most of our friends go camping all summer long, so I figure with enough alcohol enthusiasm, I will rock this trip out!
The trip is planned for one night with an option to stay an extra night. Hey, baby steps. I am a newbie at sleeping in a camping park close to home with bathrooms and showers the wild wilderness. No pop-up trailers here ... we will be in tents under the stars, cooking on a Weber Grill an open fire, and singing Kumbaya 'round the campfire.  Ok, maybe not that last part. ^ 
So what will one need on such a trip? I am the head of packing for my family. I want to make sure I grab the essentials without going overboard; confirming any suspicions that this is, indeed, my first romp in the woods.
What tips do you have for survival (slightly kidding, although if I see any snakes, all bets are off and we are back home before dark! ) and what are some easy recipes that are a must for camping?


Betsy said...

LOL!!! Cracking up! :)Also, bring your food in a plastic or Rubbermaid tub, so random animals or bears don't pay us a visit in the night. ;)

TLF said...

I can't camp for more than a couple of days.. but Walmart will have EVERYTHING you need! I always take a little battery operated portable fan, and air mattress and baby wipes, for sure!!

Shelley said...

I haven't been camping in FOREVER but make sure you bring lighters/lanterns/flashlights for when it gets dark. Oh and some snacks and warm clothing. Bug spray. Um...smores stuff? Haha. We always had sandwiches, oatmeal or pancakes (but you would need something to cook it on)...that's all I got. Good luck!

C said...

I love this! I'm exactly like you. Once I grew up and the novelty of camping wore off, I never went. Now with kids, you just have to. I can email you my camping checklist if you want. I totally over pack and over prepare!

sprinkles said...

Growing up, my family went camping in a tent a LOT in the summer time. I guess I enjoyed it back then. But now...not so much!

I'm not much for dirt, bugs, spiders, no showers, no a/c, nasty-ass public restrooms, etc. If I don't wash my hair daily, I have a massive grease ball on my head. As a teen, I remember screaming at my parents about how I was.NOT.going.camping and that they couldn't make me. Yeah, that worked out well. Not!

It's funny, because I remember my parents saying that unless you stayed in a tent or slept under the stars, you weren't really camping. And then one day they bought a camper, which they slept in. Guess they changed their minds. lol

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