Friday, October 26, 2012

Fashion Friday

Move over sunshine, there's a new season in town! Boots, leg warmers, sweaters ... the joys of fall!
 I am loving this over-sized sweatshirt from Victoria's Secret ... a soft mauve color, a versatile neckline, and oh-so-cozy! It can be worn as a cowl neck, off one shoulder or even off both shoulders.
 I never would have thought to pair leg warmers with my shorter boots ... thank you Pinterest!
 These are my favorite skinny jeans by AG ... love, love love!!!
And what's not to love about Old Navy's long layering tanks ... pretty much a staple for every outfit I wear!
 I snagged myself up a few cross bracelets from a friend of a friend who sells these on the East Coast. All of her cute accessories are $12 each and are great quality (unlike others I have purchased for the same price and have fallen apart). Here's the Facebook link if you wanna take a peek at the collection.
I hope everyone had a great week ... have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo


C said...

I like it! I think we had like a week of fall. It's FREEZING here now. We skipped sweaters and hoodies and went straight to winter/wool coats. I need some legwarmers!

Dana said...

Love the outfit, especially that sweater!

Betsy said...

I'm in love with that sweatshirt!!!

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