Monday, November 12, 2012

Guest Post ... Handbags & Handguns

This week, here on, I will be featuring some of my favorite bloggers! These fabulous ladies have agreed to bless my blog with their presence and awesomeness. Yep, that's a real word.
If you are visiting from their blog, WELCOME!! Let me know you were here by adding yourself to the GFC Followers box in my sidebar. I will be launching my Annual Holiday Giveaway Event on December 3rd and you won't want to miss out!! Thanks so much for dropping by!
Hi, everyone! I'm Misty from Handbags & Handguns. A little bit about me... I'm a southern girl who loves celebrities, sarcasm, cheap booze, good books, hot vampires, shiny gadgets, pretty clothes, spending money, & good grammar. Basically, I'm awesome and you want to be friends with me.
Every Monday, I do a weekly write-up of the latest Hollywood gossip. It's called The Talk of Tinseltown. Since I was up with a sick toddler tonight, I didn't have time to put together a full rundown like I usually do. So, today, you get a feature on celebrity twins instead. Here are a few female celebs who are commonly mistaken for someone else.
Isla Fisher // Amy Adams
Scarlett Johansson // Amber Heard
Keira Knightley // Natalie Portman
Idina Menzel // Lea Michele
Leighton Meester // Minka Kelly
Nina Dobrev // Victoria Justice
Roselyn Sanchez // Nicole Scherzinger
Katy Perry // Zooey Deschanel
Selena Gomez // Lucy Hale
America Ferrera // Jordin Sparks
Jewel // Renee Zellweger
So, have you ever mixed any of these fabulous ladies up? I personally can't believe how much Amber Heard looks like ScarJo!

I'd like to give a big thanks to April for letting me post at her place today. It's been real. It's been fun.


Betsy said...

Those similarities are crazy! Great post! :)

C said...

Whoa!! Some of them are identical. I always confuse Isla with Amy. I say Amy's name and say, no, I mean the Austrailian one. Haha! Awesome post!

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