Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

So sorry that I have been M.I.A.
Work has been a beast lately. Thanking Jesus we hired another transaction coordinator to help with the 100+ transactions I have been maintaining. The real estate market here in the Portland area has been picking up quickly, and the company that I am so blessed to be a part of is growing just as fast! For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, y'all have seen what my email inbox looks like on a weekly basis. Insanity, I tell ya!
Now I know I said "no diets" this year, but I did a 48-hour detox a few weeks ago. Homegirl needed it! Stress got the best of me, and my stomach issue was out-of-control. Lots of swelling, plus I just wasn't digesting anything right. I was super tired, and fog-headed. It was time. My body was screaming for a detox!
In 48-hours, I lost 6 pounds. Since then, I have been eating really clean, cutting out the processed foods and bad carbs. I have lost 4 more pounds! Needless to say, being 10 pounds lighter has been fantastic, and my once-a-week cheat meals are absolute heaven!! 

Memorial weekend is upon us ... I am so excited for a 3-day weekend!!
I am getting a spray tan tomorrow night - this Italian girl is pretty pale right now.
Saturday morning, my hubby and I are going with a couple friends to VEGAS!!!
This trip is so very needed right now. I just need to get away for a couple days, soak up some sun (90+ degree heat - holla!!), and take a mental break!
We are staying at Bellagio, going to Chris Tucker's show, shopping, laying out by the pool, dancing, gambling ... oh Vegas, how I have missed you! 

I will be sure to post pics when I get back ... I am hoping things balance a bit better at work, and I will find more time to blog more.
Have a great weekend ... anything fun planned for your holiday?


Suburban prep said...

I do not go out in the sun. Irish skin and the sun do not mix as my father has had a few melanoma surgeries of late.
My husband is of Italian heritage and he gets color just by walking each day at lunch time.
He then walks with me when he comes home from work.
have a wonderful weekend.

Sasha said...

Have a great trip! Sounds like so much fun!

C said...

Have a great trip! And just when you leave town, I'll be in Portland this weekend!

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