Friday, October 10, 2008


A very special thank you to all my wonderful friends who came over today to celebrate my little guy's 2nd birthday!! It was such a fun afternoon, and Sean loved all the extra attention!! His actual birthday is next Friday, but today was a no-school day, so we thought it would be great to get all the kids together.
My house cleaning was a success last night and I was thrilled to have prepared all the food, including the 2 dozen cupcakes baked and frosted, by bedtime! Another YAY! for me.


WSU Laura said...

Great job on the cupcakes, and on top of cleaning...WOW! Happy Birthday to your little guy! Have a good weekend.

Emily said...

April, thanks for the fun afternoon yesterday! You are such a fabulous hostess.
And your baseboards were pristine :)
I checked.
Just kidding. I didn't I promise.

Timi said...

I love cupcakes! Any shape or form. :-)
I just had to say.........GO DUCK! We are in Eugene this weekend. It's been an experience being surrounded by Duck Fans this weekend.

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