Monday, October 27, 2008

Sweatin' to the Oldies ... (an update)

Well, not quite oldies ... more like Old School. Ha, ha! Tonight's workout went well ... I busted out a couple miles on the eliptical (spell check says I spelled that wrong?), then baked in the sauna for a good 10 minutes - and I never took my sweatshirt off! Oh yes, just imagine how cute I looked. All sweaty and red-faced. I am surprised no one asked if I needed any oxygen. But hey ... I needed to get a good sweat on. I rocked it!
I'll tell you one thing - I don't know how people worked out before mp3 players! I have an iPod Nano and I updated it before hitting the gym tonight. Without Snoop Dogg, T.I., Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls, I would just sit on the floor and watch people do their thing. Seriously! Working out is so boring!
I did have a good night though, and am looking forward to getting into a groove. Anyone have any tips on how to actually enjoy the gym? What does your workout routine consist of?


Emily said...

I listen to talk radio in podcast.
I'm a Savagette.
I love the podcasts!
And Food TV. I think that's an oxymoron, but oh well. We don't have satellite/cable so that's the only time I can watch Food TV.

Anonymous said...

Haha April you crack me up-I can see you in there with your sweatshirt. Im going to start getting back into the groove also. I usually do cardio one day and step the other day. I only work out (when I do) sun-thurs. You def' have to have an ipod:)

Timi said...

Before I got super lazy and quit going to the gym I use to make my gym time fly by not only listening to music or watching TV (my gym had personal TV's at each piece of cardio equipment)but by watching people. I usually would pick out a couple young hot guys to watch (call me a dirty old lady I don't care) and most of the time they never let you down for entertainment. I also liked to make up stories about the people who were regulars there at the same time as me. If you watch long enough you can get your own little soap opera going. I couldn't wait to get back the next day to see what was going on. The trick to this is not talking to anyone or getting involved or you'll get sucked in to the actual soap opera that happens at a gym and NEVER get a good work out.
This is your Princess Lazy Ass advice for the day. :-)
Keep up the good work!

Erik and Mary said...

The I pod or TV is a must. Funny, but I watch cooking shows on the eliptical ;-) I usually do the eliptical, weights, squats, abs (there isn't much abs these days;) then back to another cardio-either the bike or jogging. These days have been difficult since Macey isn't old enough to go. So I have to find a sitter. Or go to Club sport which I love it's just a little further of a drive.

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