Monday, April 13, 2009

Keepin' It Real ... Tagged!

Ya'll know how much I love being tagged - seriously! So.Much.Fun! I was tagged by Miss Am and I am Keepin' It Real. Here's the rules ... take a picture of yourself right now ... no primping or preparing ... just snap a picture. Load the pic onto your blog and tag some people to play along!

Cheese! Here I am!

I got my hair done the other night ... and I chickened out on anything fun and out of the ordinary. No purple streak. Just a shade darker than my own, evened out the color, and added some long layers. Can't really tell I did anything at all, except that now I don't have an orange grow-out. For whatever reason, my hair turns a brassy orange at the roots when it grows out. And yes ... that is a dye line on my forehead ... sigh. Nothing like walking around with a brown streak across my head. Oy. At least is is close to the hairline.

Let's see who else is Keepin' It Real ... I tag:

Ang ... The Creative Mama

Cassie ... Sassy and the Boys

Jodee ... The Pinkston Family

Annie ... This Momma's Musings

Holly ... Multi-Slacking Mamalicious

Amy ... The Seifert's Diary of Life

Have fun, girls!!


Sassy Cass said...

I will do this as soon as the power is on my and my hairdryer is working. wink wink.

Amy said...

So...totally off guys say "Y'all" in Oregon?! Are you from there or from down here somewhere?

Unknown said...

Ha, ha! Amy - I am not from the south, but I think I may have some deep seeded roots there somehow. LOL! I love all my blogger friends down there and my bff (who lives here in Oregon)is from Georgia. I am drawn ... and I pick up words from those I love! :o)

Jodee said...

Sorry April- I am out of a camera- I let my mom borrow it till tomorrow- although I HATE real pictures of myself!!!!

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