Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paid to Shop!

I know I have mentioned this company a time or two already here on my blog, but for those of you who shop online, please take advantage of this site that PAYS YOU TO SHOP!!! Seriously! Ebates is an online site that works with hundreds of companies, many of which I know you shop, and pays you cash (in a big fat check sent right to your house!) for shopping through their site. Sign up is super simple and quick. In fact, you can earn bonus cash by adding my email address as your referral! Go sign up, add my email address, and start earning your cash while you shop!!

Here's how it works ... log-in to your Ebates account, find the store you wanna shop and click on it. Ebates will then open up a tracking ticket and connect you directly to the desired store. Shop as you normally would, and after you check out (within a day or two) cash is deposited into our Ebates account. Cash back values are listed next to each store and are rewarded according to your purchase total. For example, if you were to shop at Victoria's Secret through ebates, the current cash back rate is 2%, Sephora is at 4%, and American Eagle is at 3%. Just about any store is on their list, and the rates go up all the time (especially during the holiday season). I shopped for most of my Christmas gifts through Ebates last year and earned over $70! No joke! Ebates sends their checks every 3 months, and you simply cash them out. No annoying 'you can only use your credit here' mumbo jumbo ... CASH, PEOPLE!!

Go check it out and don't forget to add my email address as your referral ... we will both benefit from it!! We will both get $5 each after you sign-up and make your first purchase!

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Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

Hmm. That actually sounds like a good idea, especially for Christmas shopping!!

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