Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All About Eyes

The Foundation

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream
This stuff has caffeine in it to help a girl out with the puffiness!

MAC Select Cover-Up
I am loving the way this covers and hides my dark circles!

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
The perfect base for eyeshadow ... stays put, won't allow creasing, and helps shadows last longer.

The Shadows
Blues, brown and purples are my basics for everyday. I love smoky eyes when going out at night! Here are a few of the colors I have in my make-up bag.

MAC Brulee

MAC Contrast

Urban Decay Freakshow

Urban Decay Twice Baked


Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus in Espresso
The best eyeliner I have ever used. Self-sharpening tip, easy to blend, smooth application.

MAC Greasestick in V

Just bought this, haven't tried just yet on my eyes, but love this purple color on the back of my hand!


Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender in Black
My current fave. Anything that makes my lashes look longer and fuller, I am game.


These little pads are awesome! Almay knows how to remove eye make-up and moisturize at the same time!

And there you have it, girls! A look into my daily make-up routine. My eyes are the only thing I spend time on each day ... this momma has got to look alive!! I do not use an all over concealer or powder, and the only thing that goes on my lips when I am running out the door is good old Medicated Chapstick (the only lip balm that doesn't dry out my lips or give them a nasty waxy feel). I keep my routine simple and under 10 minutes.

What is your daily routine like? What are some of your favorite colors and brands? What is a MUST-HAVE that every girl should have in her cosmetic bag?


Jodee said...

I just bought those same make up remover pads....I love them too! You take such good care of your skin girl, I wish I did...I will probable have wrinkles galore when I get older~! My favorite make up is bare that stuff!

Unknown said...

Ewww I'll have to try that mac foundation! My must-haves are mascara and lip to have them :)

Thanks for the sweet comments btw!

Hannah said...

um....what make up routine...I don't have time for it.

When I go to work I use Este Lauder shadow in neutral browns that I got eons ago and Neutrogena (sp) mascara.

Summer said...

Hmmmm, so I get the feeling you like Mac. =)

And I am so wanting to try that urban decay purple, looks freaking fab. Already have the Twice Baked and Love!!!

I will also need the eyeliner, but I am too addicted to my mascara to change yet.

Emily said...

I'm always a sucker for makeup...
But I use an allover foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick!! That's my makeup regiment when I wear it! :)

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