Monday, November 16, 2009

Anderson Soap Company

This next giveaway is from a company that is actually from here in Portland, Oregon. Anderson Soap Company has some of the yummiest sounding products and specialize in natural based products. Vegan body butters and perfumes, cream soaps, olive oil soaps, lip balms and more! You are bound to find a delicious flavor that you will fall in love with!!
Anderson Soap Company is offering one lucky winner a $25 shopping spree!! Visit their Etsy shop and start making a list ... come back here and tell me the flavors you wanna get if you win!! Be sure to re-post for those extra entries!!
And a special offer for readers, Anderson Soap Company is offering a 10% discount off ANY purchase from now through December 15th!! Use coupon code SPA10 to get your discount!!


Nina said...

Here's my shopping list:

Exfoliating Milk and Honey Oatmeal Soap Bar
The Big Squeeze Awapuhi Seaberry Shower Gel
Eco-Earthy Scents Solid Perfume LOST IN PARADISE
Oregon Strawberry Luscious Lip Balm
Pomegranate luscious Lip Balm
Fig lychee and Pink Clay Shea Butter Soap and Shaving Bar

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Nina said...


irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what these would actually smell like, but they sound divine.

Blackberry Amber Creamy Body Butter
Violetta Olive Oil Soap
Pure Romance Shea Butter Soap Bar
Oregon Strawberry Luscious Lip Balm

Sarah said...

Apricot surprise
refreshing peppermint oatmeal
and many others!

Hannah said...

Anything in the whipped soap part of the shop...cupcake, vanilla...mmmm

Sarah said...

posted the giveaway on facebook!

Krissa said...

Oh yum!!!
pumkin pie
and peaches and cream

JSGM said...

How could you do this to me...this site is filled with all kinds of stuff I love...this is my downfall...yummy scented bath and body stuff...are you sure you want my wish list :)
Blackberry and Cafe Latte Lip Balm, Oatmeal Strawberry Grapefruit Soap, Cafe Mocha Olive Oil Bar, Soothing Spearmint Olive Oil Bar, Refreshing Peppermint Oatmeal Soap, Pear Jubilee Soap, Tango Mango Bar, Sassy Strawberry Soap Jar, Cool Water Shea Butter Massage Bar, Chocolate Drizzle Soap Jar, Paradise Creamy Body Butter, Banana Soap Jar.
This website when into my computer favorites and is going on my stocking wish list for my hubby.
Thank you :)

Ang said...

I just adore handmade soaps. I can not decide what I'd get - though the Soap Stache Set is pretty cute! :)

Tabitha Michelle said...

Any of the Luscious Lip Balms. They sound amazing!

Yankee Wife said...

I'm liking the soap in a jar scents. Especially the peppermint patty and the sassy strawberry. Yum.

Yankee Wife said...

I blogged too :)

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I like satsuma or Orange & sandalwood :-)

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...


Mindy said...

The fluffy whipp soap sounds cool... pumpkin pie.. pomegranate.. vanilla bean... so many sound good (good enough to eat!)

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

The cafe mocha and buttercream sound divine. This might sound weird but I am also eyeing the fresh cut grass one two! That is one of my favorite smells. :)

littledeadmommy said...

It's so hard to decide. I would have to just pick an assortment of soaps and it would have to include the Soap Stache, Exfoliating Milk and Honey Oatmeal Soap Bar, Chocolate Citrus Dacquoise Shea Butter Soap and who knows what else. lol. If I win it'll take awhile for me to decide. Everything looks so good.

Sara said...

wow...awesome! would have to pick up some beer soap for adam's stocking...then to pick up some 'pure romance' roll on for me!

Jenni said...

I would LOVE to try the chocolate mint olive oil bar, The Amber oil roll-on, the coolwater massage barm, the soap stache set the almond coap bar, the caffe mocha soap bar,and the vanilla cream whipped soap! Goodness there are so many I want!!!!

sprinkles said...

Because I can never decide on just one, here is my extensive list:

Peony Olive Oil Soap Bar
Any of the beer soaps
Buttercream Luscious Lip Balm
China Rain Olive Oil Soap Bar
Pure Romance Oil Perfume
Satsume Soap in a Jar

and soooooooo many more!

sprinkles said...

Tiffany from Memoirs of a Munchkin Mommy sent me.

Here's a link to my blog post:

I'm also a follower!


Adamo said...

I like the cool ones that are pretty!

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