Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing With The Stars

I am so glad I recorded this show! I was happy to be able to skip through all the lame, boring parts - ha ha! I knew there was a reason why I never watched this show, but I am going to stick it out to see how well Miss Nicole does!
Here are my brief first impressions ...

Pamela ... definition of a hot mess.
Ochocinco ... hooking up with Cheryl?
Shannen ... I love your fierce personality. Where is it?
Erin ... too cute! And thank you for using Tik Tok as your song of choice!
Jake ... I don't like your pants. That is all.
Niecy ... Shake yo' tailfeather, girl!
Kate ... was that a yoga pose?
Nicole ... GORGEOUS as always!
Anyone else watch, or skim through as I did? Ha!


JenWebb702 said...

I watched and this is what I thought:
Pamela...did I miss the sexiness that they were mentioning? I say stop the drug use.
Ochocinco...he is one good looking man.
Erin...I think her and her partner are going to hook up. Did you see how he was rubbing her stomach with his thumb?
Kate...she is not very good.
Nicole...I love her but I really don't think that it is fair...she is a dancer/singer.

sprinkles said...

I flipped back and forth between my Monday night CBS lineup and DWTS. Caught most but not all of it.

I was annoyed because I only wanted to watch to see how Kate Gosselin did and they didn't show her until almost the end. I'm NOT a Kate fan so I couldn't help but smile when that one guy said it was like she was being pushed around like a shopping cart. I'm hoping she'll get voted off quickly. Yes, I'm aware I'm a bitch!

Molly said...

Lord, I wish I could have skipped forward! Cannot wait to get my DVR back! :)

I seriously loved Niecy. Workin it!

Molly said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Ochocinco is a MAJOR hottie. :)

TLF said...

I love this show! I've watched every season since Season 2.
I posted my thoughts on my blog Monday night. :)

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