Friday, April 2, 2010

Fashion Friday

I've got sunshine ... well, I did last week. Now it is back to the stormy, rainy weather here in Oregon. Sigh. Here are a few pics I snapped while enjoying the sun.

Sunglasses ... Juicy Couture
Black Tee ... Juicy Couture
Gray Tank Top ... Forever 21
Capris ... Lucky Brand (had these since 1999!!)
Zebra Flip Flops ... Roxy (Valentine's gift from my hubby)
Fashion Fridays by:
Le Musings of Moi

PS ... I will be blogging through the weekend! I have a big giveaway I will be posting on Monday before I leave for vacation. (Wanna win a new pair of shoes??? Oh I know you do!!) The giveaway will be my only posting for next week, so I wanna be sure to get in a couple more posts this weekend for you all to enjoy while I am away.


Anonymous said...

I need some cute capri jeans. I had a pair I loved, but my hips aren't ever getting back into those.

Krissa said...

um....i am in love with those could of guessed that!

and girl, you are GORGEOUS!!!! love your fashion fridays!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

rockin mama!

Molly said...

very cute! so excited for you to go on va-kay!! whohoo!

umm, shoe giveaway?? YES, PLEASE!!

sprinkles said...

Capris! I love capris! I found a pair in my closet last year that I have no clue where they came from. They were a little big in the waist but soooooooo comfy!!!

OMG, I am a shoe WHORE, girl!!!!!!! But unless I can actually go in the store and try them on, I don't buy them. I have baby feets which are hard to find shoes for (well, adult shoes that don't have Spongebob Squarepants on them!) which is beyond frustrating. So I'm bummed that I likely won't be able to participate. Boo...

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