Thursday, July 21, 2011

Randomness for Thursday

I am prepping for my annual garage sale today ... I thought I could get away with not having one this year, however hubby and I decided to clean out the closets last weekend, so there is much to sell! For a one day event, these suckers sure do take a lot of time and energy out of ya!
I tend to sell pretty much everything at my sales, and if that is the case this year, I have a couple wish list items to purchase. Now I know it is technically summertime for most of you all, but the Pacific Northwest has yet to show us the heat (or even the sun for that matter - did I mention that it is still RAINING here??). So, I am already shopping with the fall season in mind. I heart these Kensington boots by Ugg.
And how about an iPad? Let's throw that on the list, too. Anyone have one of these? Thoughts?

I am off to make my signs and price out my stuff ... hope y'all are having a great Thursday!!
Oh ... and the winner of my giveaway was announced on's Facebook page this morning!!


Anonymous said...

i have never really done a garage sale of my own. good luck!

oh and i am craving the playbook by blackberry.. my birthday is only in a few months.. trying to get boyfriend to get it for me :)

TLF said...

We have an iPad.. and almost NEVER use it. Actually, before this post I can't even remember the last time I thought to take it out and use it. If it were easier to blog on... maybe.

C said...

We keep saying we’re going to have a garage sale, but keep putting it off because of the weather. It seems like when we moved into our new house, we packed up half of it to get rid of. I'm anxious to get it out of here. Good luck!

I love the boots. My mom has an iPad and loves it. I’ve played with it and like it too, but I have an iPhone so I know I’d never use it.

Unknown said...

Good luck with your garage sale doll...I love them!!! and seriously should think about having one because I want an Ipad soooo badly!

<3 Marina

sprinkles said...

Congrats to Marina for being the big winner.

I know someone with an iPad and she seems to love it. She lugs it with her everywhere.

I wanna get some winter boots, those UGGS are cute but probably out of my (non-existent) budget.

Wish I could send you some of our heat, we have a little too much of it. I shower, go outside for 5 minutes and need another shower!

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