Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vote for me!!

In a house of boys, I blog for a girly outlet. I have an amazing hubby and 2 boys (ages 4 and 7), but they don't quite understand fashion and beauty like we girls do. My blog is girl time ... sharing ideas, reviewing everyday products, and chatting about things that the boys could care less about.
Being a momma and a wife is what makes my world go 'round; dot...dot...dot... is all about the etcetera. I adore all the comments that are received and (in true girl fashion) get my feelings hurt when they slow down. I love seeing the number in my 'followers' box go up, I heart being contacted by companies to test out their products for review, and nothing makes me happier than to host giveaways for all my amazing fans! As I learn tips and tricks for everyday life, and find budget-friendly finds, I am so excited to share! This is why I blog.
Babble.com has a Top 25 Beauty Blogs for Moms list and dot...dot...dot... is up for nomination! To vote is super simple, click on my picture above (or the pink link) and it will send you to the list. Just click the 'like' button next to dot...dot...dot... and your vote is tallied!
Thank you so very much for all the love and support here on my blog. I have so much fun meeting new people and learning so much from you all! xoxo

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