Thursday, April 26, 2012

Before and After ... The Haircut!!

 So here is the pic I took into the salon ... Miss Natalie Portman was my inspiration this time around. Medium length, layers, and nothing too drastic that would take a lifetime to grow out.
 Here is my hair before ... super long, ends fried from going with the ombre color process, and looking a bit brassy.
 And here is the after pic ... chopped off quite a few inches, getting rid of the dead, frizzy ends. I also had some more highlights put in to blend the definite color line of the ombre vs. my dyed black hair, and I also added a couple purple peek-a-boos near the front, but it is hard to see those on my phone pics.
 Fresh cut ends, no more severe damage needing to be treated every day, and highlights throughout... ♥
 I am loving the way this style frames my face, and how much healthier and lightweight it feels!
While I didn't go super extreme, I am pretty excited with the new 'do and happy that I finally took the plunge after so many years of hanging on to the super long length.
What do y'all think?

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