Thursday, May 10, 2012

Insane Chicken

I was contacted by the great folks over at InsaneChicken, a company that offers hot sauces, barbeque sauces, and other specialty items for your cooking needs. They generously sent me over a box filled with goodies! My family LOVED the Honey Mustard BBQ sauce ... we put it on the chicken while it was on the grill and even added more when it was on our plates! I am not a fan of honey mustard in general, but man! This sauce was sweet on the tongue, but had a kick that followed. YUM!!

About the Company:
InsaneChicken, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Chris and Alison McCarthy. The husband and wife team offer an insane variety of hot sauces, barbecue sauces, and other specialty items to a loyal customer base. InsaneChicken’s now famous Hot Sauce of the Month Club was featured on TV’s Food Network. Its Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce won first place in the 2011 Scovie Awards in the Extreme Sauce category. Obama’s Health Care Hot Sauce, Choke Your Chicken Hot Sauce, Pineapple and Mango Salsa, Mad Dog Teriyaki Sauce and a BBQ six pack are just a few of the 120 products available on InsaneChicken. InsaneChicken is located in Norwell, Massachusetts.

If you are looking for an amazing BBQ and hot sauce line, definitely give InsaneChicken a try!!

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Anonymous said...

looks yummy!

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