Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guest Post ... Southern Girl In A Rainy City

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Hi Y'all! My name is Betsy from Southern Girl in a Rainy City

 First, A BIG thank you to April for letting me guest post today on Dot Dot Dot...
I am a 34 year old stay at home mom of 2 who lives in Portland, Oregon. 
I love my family, friends, running, working out, reading, boiled peanuts, country music, summertime, my dad's cooking, coffee, gossip magazines, sunshine, Southern accents, warm Southern nights, long summers, sweet tea, the beach, cook outs, cicadas at night, and on and on... Originally from Georgia, and a long way from family and home. This is my life, as a rain soaked girl from The South...

Now, I have recently challenged myself to a "Thrift Store Wardrobe Challenge". Looking around recently at the mall I was seeing all of the vintage inspired pieces for fall. I started wondering if I could go to some local thrift stores out here, and find a couple of cute things to add to my wardrobe saving some BIG bucks.  Here are the things that I found to take home visiting our local Salvation Army & Goodwill Stores, including a pair of $200 jeans for only $10!!! 

PS. A warning for the pictures to come... I am a lot of things in this world, but a model is definitely NOT one of them! Ha! :)
Here I am going into the Salvation Army Store. The cardigan sweater I am wearing is 
Ann Taylor LOFT from Goodwill $5.99!

gray & gold pin striped Old Navy cardigan sweater from Goodwill. Purple tag sale. $2.50! 
(paired with my J Brand skinny's)

Gap chunky knit turtle neck sweater from Salvation Army 
(paired with my Earnest Sewn skinny's and Vince Camuto boots)

$7.99 + 30% off.  $5.60!

Deep red silk blouse from Salvation Army 
(paired with my Seven for All Mankind Dojo wide legs) 

$7.99 + 30% off =$5.60!

Vintage Nordstrom cream silk blouse from Salvation Army & 
Anlo Trouser Denim Pants (originally $207) only $10 from Goodwill!

Check out this vintage Nordstrom tag! $5.99 + 30% off = $4.20.

Gold blouse from Goodwill. Purple tag sale. $2.00!!
(paired with J Brand skinny's and Missoni for Target heels)
PS. Check out Dora the Explorer on the TV in the background! Ha! My daughter is behind me on the couch. I'm not at all going out, but if the Husband were to call for a spontaneous happy hour I would have been ready! LOL.  ;) 

All in all... I found some cute stuff, and not too bad for $35. Whether you are on a tight budget or not...Why go for vintage inspired, when you can go treasure hunting for REAL vintage!  Oh, and the Anlo trouser jeans was just a killer deal! Happy hunting!! :)



Christina said...

oh my goodness this is great! thank you so much for sharing!!!!

kate said...

i am jealous! i never find stuff like that at thrift stores! i love the gold blouse a lot!!

Anonymous said...

I've only been thrifting a handful of times. I never find anything good. I think it's a Memphis thing. It sucks here.

C said...

This is awesome! I haven't been thrifting since high school when I used to look for old rock band shirts for my boyfriend. I might have to give it another shot!

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