Monday, September 16, 2013

Menu of the Week

With the kids back in school, and hubby and I both working full-time schedules, I am finding that taking some extra time on Sundays to plan out meals for the week is the key to a smooth-flowing weeknight routine. The crockpot is my homie ... and gets used quite a bit this time of year.
Here's the menu for this week:
Monday  ....  Tuna Casserole
It's a family recipe, SUPER easy to make, and a hit in my home!
Tuesday  ....  Honey Sesame Chicken
I found this recipe on Pinterest. It looks yummy!
Wednesday  ....  Lasagna Soup
Another Pinterest recipe - y'all should see my Food board!
Thursday  ....  Open House Night and BBQ for my kiddos at their school
Gotta love a freebie night.
Friday  ....  Hawaiian Chicken
My fam loves this dish ... thanks again to Pinterest.
What recipes does your family enjoy? Please share ... I am always looking for new ideas!

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