Thursday, April 30, 2009

Celebrity Status

Well, not quite, but I did make it onto Pure's website a couple times from the after-party in Vegas. The first pic is awesome ... the photographer captured one of the moments that Nicole grabbed my hand. Of course, you can't see me in the pic, but that is my left hand with the ring and the square-tipped nails and she is looking directly at me! For the record, I honestly am not an obsessed fan, just very excited that I got to be up close to my fave celebrity. And the second picture is of me with one of the guys who let me into the VIP where the Pussycat Dolls were hanging out. Technically he can say "I am with the band." For whatever reason, he wanted the photographer to get our pic together ... kinda wierd, but whatever. I made it onto the website. :o)

2 shout-outs!:

B, A, H & C said...

how are famous in my mind! :)

Jodee said...

yep...famous! what a way top off your birthday!!!

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