Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shut the front door!

Called up Jackie (my sister-in-law) this morning to arrange plans for the day ... meet for breakfast and head to Costco with mom to do some shopping. I had to run our Husky to Groomingdales for her appointment, then I met up with mom and Jackie who were already at the restaurant.
Now, we knew this day could possible come. We bought the same sweatshirt (that we desperately hunted down online when the Duck Stores no longer carried them) - cuz the coffee girl at The Human Bean in Seaside had one that was sooo cute! But we never actually thought we would ever match up our outfits right down to the brown Uggs! Promise we didn't coordinate our looks ... but so funny running around all day together dressed as twins. Ha!

We represent!
U of O!

4 shout-outs!:

Am said...

That's hilarious!
Check out my blog. I tagged you.

Betsy said...

You girls are too cute! So Funny!

Sassy Cass said...

That is too funny and too cute. There is a chick at work that shops all the same places I do. We have several of the same shirts and dresses. Low and behold last week we showed up in the EXACT same dress. I thought we would never hear the end of it. Did I mention that she is the same age as my mom?

amy s said...


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