Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Ha, Ha!! I fooled you!!
This pic was taken when I found out I was preggo with Sean.
Happy April Fool's Day!
♥ ♥

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Kristen Ferretti said...

Oh my goodness...You fooled me! I saw this on Facebook and had to come check it out! Happy April Fools Day:)

Ang said...

LOL you stinker! I totally believed you for .5 seconds ;)

Yankee Wife said...

Just think if it was true . . . how fun would that be??? Ha, ha!

WSU Laura said...

That was AWESOME!!!! Got me.

Erik and Mary said...

Ha! That was awesome!!! Good one!
Hey we got your cute card the other day with your address change. How long are you going to be living with Mom & Dad Baker?
We still want a date night with you two! ;-)

Amy said...

I did the same thing to my husband and my family yesterday! Everyone else new it was a joke, but my mom and my husband fell for it! The two people that should know better!

Anniebanannie said...

Don't even. One year, six years ago, I April Fooled that to my sister (not an actual test, just told her I was) and two weeks later, I found out I WAS! It can jinx ya.

Great joke though. I was totally buying in!

Jodee said...

That was just heart sank- just cause I was like- WHAT she said she wasnt having any more!!!! You got me on that one:)

BTW- she never got back to me on it, so I emailed and said never mind...she never responded to that either...I was nice about it! Besides- u know I hate that comforter I have in his room now! I seen another really CUTE one on Overstock and now it is out of stock...I don't even know why I care- NOBODY visits anyway! LOL I just dont like it!

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