Friday, July 17, 2009

Gone To The Beach

My hubby and I are spending some time with our boys, just the 4 of us, at the beach house this weekend. Of course, Oregon beaches aren't as pretty and tropical as the picture I am currently drooling over - in fact, it is barely 60 degrees and drizzling here. But oh well - lots of time to blog, relax, and do pretty much nothing all weekend.
And to start the weekend off right .... let's announce the winner of the YoBaby Giveaway!!

#11 Angie from The Creative Mama
"Tweet Tweet :)"

Not only was this mama busy with her own event on her blog, but she found time to comment and Tweet on Twitter, and even refer a friend!! Thanks Ang!! I'll need you to send me your address so I can pass it along to Stonyfield!
Thanks so much to all who entered, and re-posted, and showed some bloggy love!! Another giveaway is on its way ... be sure to keep checking in!! I am full of goodies for the next few months (yes, I said MONTHS)!!! Have a great weekend!!


Ang said...

Ohh! I'm super excited! Thanks April, have fun at the beach ;)

Skye said...

hey hun,how are you??? u should deffinately try out some different colours on ur nails and designs. im really enjoying ur blog... take care hun =D

NicolaCosmeticsmile-x said...

that beach looks amazing :D
Have fun :D

jake m said...

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jake m said...

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