Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa Baby

Happy December 1st!! I have no idea where November went, but I am so excited that Christmas is just around the corner!! I have completed the gift shopping for my little guys, and am almost done shopping for my man. I have a handful of other family members to think about, and then I can relax and wrap everything up! How many of you are ahead of the game this year?
These last couple of weeks, I have been wracking my brain on what I would like to put on my wish list this year. You see, I have hit a shopping wall (GASP!!). My shopaholic desires have come to an unexpected (but much needed) halt. My hubby is absolutely ecstatic of my new shopping blah, and I am actually enjoying this new found freedom (can you hear the choir singing?)!
This doesn't mean that I wouldn't like a few gifts under the tree though. Hello! I am still a girl!! But my cravings for the spendier things in life just isn't there this year. So, here is my Christmas Wish List ... hints for curious friends and family who may be stuck on ideas. Ha, ha!

Breaking Dawn - no explanation needed.

Juicy Couture Charm Elastic Hair Bands in this cute purple set

Nordstrom .. $25

MAC Eyeshadow in Shroom
Nordstrom .. $14.50

Ugg Replacement Insoles for the shoes I heart so much!
Nordstrom.com .. $14.95

Hollister Awesome Butt Pant - the name alone makes me want these comfy fleece pants!

Hollister Co .. currently on sale $29.89

OMG ... Juicy FINALLY made covers for Blackberry!! So exciting!!

Nordstrom .. $58 set of 3

A gift certificate to a hair salon. I love getting my hair done!!

Hydraulic Fur-Lined Puffer Jacket in Black

Macys or Burlington Coat Factory .. $70

And there you have it! Nothing over $100, all very cute and practical, right? What are you hoping that Santa brings you this year?

P.S. Is anyone else having issues with Blogger spacing?? Ugh! So annoying!!


Jules said...

It's so funny, because I feel the same way. Usually I want one really big gift and this year I'm asking for smaller things that I really like.

You will love Breaking Dawn! The Juicy hair bands are very cute and I also love those pants from Hollister. Great list :)

Anonymous said...

I want a Wii. A gift certificate to the salon would be great. I hadn't thought of it. Awesome Butt Pants? I want!

sprinkles said...

I don't really want much of anything this Christmas. I think it's because I have no job which means I have no money so I feel bad asking for something when I can't get anything for them in return. :(

Molly said...

What a great list!
Blogger is driving me bonkers with the funky spacing! Ahhh!

A Real Housewife said...

i didn't know they made replacement insoles for Uggs! sweet. i'm LOVING the hot butt pants!!!

Erik and Mary said...

FUN list! Very $ conscious, good job! I have Shroom eye, LOVE IT!

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