Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Friday

Fall is here and that means it is boot season!! Just be warned ... you will see these boots quite often on Fashion Fridays. They are so comfy and go with just about anything!
Ruffle Cardigan .. Express
Tunic Sweater .. H&M
Skirt .. H&M (and only $4.95!!)
Above-Knee Socks .. Target
Jessica Simpson Capry Boots (color: Lead) .. Nordstrom
Now ... if you haven't entered the latest giveaway, please do so!! Winner will be picked and announced on Monday morning!! Happy Friday!!


shakerbaker said...

I don't know fashion, but I know sexy and babe your sexy!!!

TLF said...

What's H&M?

Unknown said...

For the record, shaker above is my hubby!! xoxo
H&M is a fun little store that is hard to find!! The closest store to us was up in Seattle, but we are getting one here in Portland within the next month or two (woot!!). Cute, trendy clothes at WAY cheap prices! Kinda like F21, but a little more grown up.

Trixie and Tess said...

H&M is fab! I LOVE those boots!! I can't wait for cooler weather. We're still in the 90's, not quite boot weather here just yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving those boots!!!

Olivia said...

I just found these boots online earlier, and have been trying to find an actual picture of someone wearing them rather than just the normal picture of the boot only for an hour now. Finally! haha thanks for delivering! :) they look awesome on you !

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