Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On ...

Stress. A nasty little monster that creeps into our lives every. single. day! Headaches, mood swings, depression, and all out bitchiness consumes me when I get overwhelmed. Not so much fun to deal with, and I know my family doesn't like it either!
I am working on my insomnia issues, because I know that my lack of sleep definitely heightens the stress levels. I also know there are several more factors that I need to be focusing on as well.
For instance, just yesterday I started taking my vitamins again. I don't know about you all, but taking these little happy pills on a daily basis is never a priority. Why? Because I am lazy! Yep. No other good reason than that one. Studies have shown that an amino acid called L-tyrosine (1,000 mg per day) is a building block for pleasure-promoting and energizing hormones. Check to see if this amino is a part of your multi-vitamin routine, and take it on an empty stomach for best results.
I am also learning how to eat small snacks throughout the day to help keep my blood-sugar levels steady. I recently read in a magazine that a fall time snack that helps tame tension is pumpkin seeds. They store up magnesium which helps muscles relax. Chocolate also releases your serotonin and dopamine hormones (the ones that make you happy), and Hershey's Syrup has been filling my cravings lately (in small doses, of course).
Outside of supplements and diet, there are some awesome and simple ways I unwind and de-stress. Hot showers, going for a walk, taking a solo shopping trip (to Target, of course), or sneaking off to read a book are all ways I love to get-away and breathe. I always try to remind myself to keep positive. When stress is winning the sanity battle, I like to journal or talk to my hubby. It always feels great to release some of the tension, and my man always seems to know how to say the right things to calm me down and make me smile.
And when all else fails ... cocktail hour ALWAYS does the trick! Ha ha!

How do you girls keep the stress levels down and keep the positive vibes up? Please share!!


Yankee Wife said...

The gym is my ultimate stress relief! An hour of no children, no phones, nothing to think about except building muscle, burning the fat and looking more toned and trim. I've tried working out at home, and wouldn't you know the kiddos wanna do it too? Translates to getting in the way :)
I find that when I work out I naturally WANT to eat healthier foods...more protein and usually less sugar.

I find I'm way less crabby and have a lot of fun with my kids when I have a little break and a great workout!

Amber said...

Oh I hear ya!

My way of relieving stress is taking time for myself by reading, taking a bubble bath, etc. or just spending time with people who make me happy, such as my best friends or boyfriend.

Hope you get to feeling better.

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