Monday, September 27, 2010

It's *All About Me* Week !!

I wanted to take some time out to focus on us girls ... giving some tips and advice on how to be our best going into a crazy time of year! School is back in session, holidays are around the corner, and the sunshine is heading south for the winter. A time when we are generally cooped up indoors, the weather is dark and gloomy, and stress creeps up even more than usual. Let's try to beat those blahs this year and fight back with some positive energy!
PLEASE NOTE ... I am not a doctor, nor a professional in any type of health or fitness field. The information I will share here on is simply gathered through magazines, personal experience, and online research. Please be sure to use your own judgement and seek your doctor's opinion before trying anything new. Just because something has worked for me and my own lifestyle, does not always mean it will be suitable for yours.
Please feel free to add your opinions and tips in the comments and be sure to check out what others are saying as well. This may not be a live chat, but we can learn from and encourage one another! I am always excited to learn new tricks and tips and look forward to hearing from you girls!!

Read on below for today's post on Sleep ... a very important factor in our lives!
Have a wonderful week and enjoy!!


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