Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Great Debate

To Ugg or not to Ugg ....

I am in year two of the mind-boggling debate of getting a pair of Uggs. Yes, I know. Sounds retarded, but I won't just go out and buy a pair of $130 boots because they look cute on someone else. I have to be absolutely in love with them!
Last year I debated with myself until they were no longer available to buy. I oogled over them every time I saw a girl struttin' around looking all cute! Any time I tried them on though, I felt silly in them! I wasn't a fan of stuffing my bootleg jeans into the tops of the boots - it just felt funny. I buy bootlegs to fit over my shoes, not in them. Now I know they have the skinny leg jeans for heels and boots, but (no offense to anyone who wears these) I seri
ously hate the look of your pants wrapped tight around your ankles. I can't imagine them being comfortable either.
So my dilemma for year #2 is this: I love the look of Uggs on other girls, whether they be paired with a cute skirt or with jeans, but I am not quite sure they look that cute on me!
While on our Seattle trip, we stopped at Old Navy and I picked up some cozy, boot style slippers. I got them in a cute green and gray striped pattern, knowing I wasn't going to wear them outside my house. Now I love slippers - I wear them anytime I am at home, and any time I will be traveling away from home, I am always sure to pack a pair. I have been wearing my new slippers and have
been tucking my lounge pants and jeans into the tops of them, and I must say that I am starting to get used to the look (of the pant tucking, not the fun stripes). So now I am even more torn ... do I spend the moolah (or add them to my Christmas wish list), or chalk it all up to a boot fad that I don't need to partake in?
What do you think? Do you have a pair of Uggs or similar style boots? Do you like them? How do you like to wear them? Are they worth the price?

Sigh ... decisions, decisions!!


Emily said...

I love mine.
They were a surprise gift from Ryan last year for Christmas.
I debated for 2 weeks whether I was going to keep them or not.
Now I want a different color.
I thought I had to wear them outside my jeans too.
Not true, according to my cousin (who is a high school teacher and keeps abreast of the latest trends) "the kids are wearing them with boot cut jeans over the top of them too"
So, if the kids are doing it...
...it must be cool!
ha ha
But, that was SOOOOOOO last year too, so who knows!! :)

I love mine for the comfort factor, they are so yummy.
They are definitely worth the $$$

WSU Laura said...

If anyone can carry it off it is you. I think if you like it then you should do it. Just remember to own it, because any sign of uncomfortable and everyone will notice. Love the slippers!

Betsy said...

Go for it, but I'm not sure that the knit Uggs will be very practical here in the rainy city. :)

Ang said...

I *love* my "f-uggs" (fake uggs). Got them at Costco 2 yrs ago for $30 and they have been a fave since. I'm definitely adding some (real) uggs to my Christmas list this year.

For the record I have never tucked my pants into them. I love wearing them with sweats hiked up to my calves, or my chocolate brown or green khaki pants over them (they are just wide enough to fit without looking stuffed).

Anyhow there is my 2cents worth. I think they are great! Good luck! :)

Yankee Wife said...

Well, you know I like both of my pairs! They are awesome to wear with lounge clothes or running around town in the winter. I wore them to the store when it was pouring down rain and they were sooo comfy! Plus, you don't wear socks with them so you have less laundry! Now if that isn't a plus I don't know what is ; )

Dana said...

I am in the same situation you are. I have been debating it also for a couple years but just not 100% sure yet. They look so comfy and all the girls I have seen wearing them look so darn cute! I say go for it :)

Elizabeth said...

Go for it!! I don't have a pair either, but really love the look of them! I seem to be in the same boat as you...are they worth the money and will I look as cute as everyone else??!! What the heck...go for it! :)

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