Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I love my friend!!

There are many, many reasons why I love my best friend, Betsy .... and here's another reason added to the list:

She called me moments ago to let me know of this amazing little offer that Oprah gave out today on her show (I don't watch Oprah, so Betsy keeps me in the know). For the next 24 hours, Snapfish will be giving away FREE 8" x 11" custom photo books! Go to their site and click on the Oprah Viewer link to receive your FREE book, a $29.99 value!!! Hurry ... you only have 24 hours!!!

****If you are already a member of snapfish and the site is a cookie on your computer, you will need to clear your cookies in order to get the link. Otherwise it will direct you to your log-in page and you won't see the Oprah special. When your cookies are cleared, come back here to my blog and click on the snapfish logo - it will take you to the homepage with the offer.****

Thank you Betsy ... love you so much!!! :o)


Betsy said...

Thanks Friend! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Well that's cool! Thanks for passing this one on :)

Unknown said...

Hah! I'm posting about this tomorrow! Great minds, and all that! My mom called and told me about it. I already ordered mine.

JenWebb702 said...

I am so going to have to do this tonight at home!! Such an awesome thing!! Thanks for sharing.

a片 said...


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