Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear U.S. Government,

I have debt, so where is my bailout?
Where are the bailouts for the people losing their homes, their jobs, their businesses, their lives?
Let's keep giving money to banks who won't lend out, or car companies and their big-wig employees! Up until a few weeks ago, people couldn't even afford to keep their gas tanks full!
Yeah ... let's keep saving their butts. In the meantime, let our economy keep going down the tubes and watch more homes go into foreclosure, more people go into bankruptcy, and more lives be destroyed. Why don't you share some of the billions of dollars you're putting out there and help out the hard-working Americans that keep this nation running!

I'm just saying.


Jodee said...

You go girl!

By the your new background...that lady I have put some new Christmas ones up..check her out!

Dana said...

Well said April. I feel the same exact way.

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