Sunday, December 14, 2008

I joined the club!

Remember the post I did a while back about parking lot etiquette? Well, this week I joined the other side ... the side in which I actually yell at the flippin' lady who stole my parking spot!!

Of course, it happened at good ol' Target, but this time there was no longer any confusing construction issues. The lady just straight stole the spot I was patiently waiting for! And yes, I had my blinker turned on staking claim! I slammed on my horn and rolled down my window (I was mad, but not stupid enough to physically confront the woman!) - she rolled down hers as well to yell out that she had been waiting. LIAR! I watched her come around the corner, get behind someone else waiting for another spot, then zip around them and the truck trying to back out, and sneak right into my spot in her tiny little red car. I, of course, yelled right back at how rude she was and how I saw her every move! I even gave her a mini-lesson in the importance of using her turn signal! Do you think she cared? Ugh!! I ended up getting a better spot just up ahead of her ... the woman quickly darted past my Tahoe before I got out, which was smart of her. This little Italian girl has a mouth on her, and when I get fired up, it's not pretty!

I quickly calmed down and enjoyed shopping for more Christmas gifts with my mom and sister-in-law (and all 4 of our kids!! I know - we are crazy!!).

Have you had to deal with any rude-ass people lately?


Suburban prep said...

i have had a situation like yours. A woman pulled into a space that I had been waiting for and I too had on my blinker.
Well I ended up seeing her in a store and I told her that I had been waiting for it. She stated that since I was in jeans and a Woolrich duster jacket that I didn't belong in this area shopping anyhow. Well let me tell you That got my Irish dander going. But I was ladylike about the situation and things turned out ok for me. She was a major pain though.

Jodee said...

Okay..that was Funnee! You know, nothing worse than after something like that happens, running into them in the store! I think it is your weather that brings out all the grouchy women who steal parking places, then LIE about it. Everytime you tell about a parking story, I always think of Fried Green Tomatoes movie, have you ever seen that? Makes me laugh everytime I see it, and hear your stories of parking dilemas! THanks for that it!

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