Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tears Are Falling From my Eyes!

A foot of snow and ice ... 50 mph winds ... and MORE on the way!! UNBELIEVABLE!! We never get snow here in Portland, an occassional snow day here and there, but nothing like this. Check out our weatherman's latest report:

Weather Forecast for Oregon and SW Washington

Sunday December 21, 2008, 5:15 p.m.

Good Evening from the First Alert Storm Center
The Portland area is under a Winter Storm Warning until 10 am Monday for snow and freezing rain. Another 2-7" of snow will fall over the northwest Oregon and southwest Washington by Monday when the heavier snow will end and turn to snow showers. Highs Monday will struggle up to near 30-dergees in Portland where the east wind continues to blow, but should make the mid 30s farther south. After a break early Tuesday, a new storm brings more snow to the Portland area Tuesday night and on Christmas Eve. Temperatures will remain cold until next weekend.

Enjoy The Snow,
Matt Zaffino
Chief Meteorologist, KGW Northwest News Channel 8

Enjoy the snow? Are you kidding me? I have been put out of my daily routine for long enough now. I miss my gram, who I see a couple times a week for our lunch and shopping dates. Speaking of shopping, I still have things to get for Christmas! I am loooong overdue for my nail appointment! These suckers are getting so long and a bit irritating! I need my friend fix ... Starbucks with Betsy!! Sigh. Looks like I'll have another week of inconveniences. I am just hoping we will be able to make it to our families homes for Christmas (and it would be great if UPS can get me my packages in time, too).
Reading my sister-in-law's blog today, I was reminded to look at the positives. Watching the news reports this evening of stranded people at airports and bus stations, sleeping on hard floors, waiting and hoping for their plans to resume - I am safe at home, sleeping in my own bed. We have heat and electricity and our pantry is stocked with food. I have internet (thank goodness, or I would go INSANE!!!), and cable, and my family is together. As frustrating as it may be to be cooped up at home, I am thankful for what we do have. Not everyone can say the same, and I realize that all my rantings, while out of sheer stir-craziness, are pretty petty. Thank you to all my great friends and readers who listen to me whine and complain. Love you all!! :o)


Yankee Wife said...

Today I wished we all lived on the same block so we could at least hang out together. Any other week . . . who cares. But this week? Christmas? Well, a white Christmas is cool. But an icy Christmas - YUCK. At some point, we need a break. Too much of a good thing (pretty snow) is still . . . TOO MUCH! Miss you even though I'm not apart of your weekly routine - HA, HA!!!

Anonymous said... sorry you are snowed in. I can push some California sunshine up your way. You just need to get your camera out and take lots of pictures of the boys. You know a lot of times when places get snowed in 9 months later they have a baby boom.

WSU Laura said...

Can you believe this snow!? I am going cuckoo! We finally made it out yesterday with DH driving because I am a wimp on the ice. Hang in there and read lots of blogs.

Anonymous said...

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas....just like the ones I used to know...where the tree tops glisten and children hear sleigh bells in the snow! None of that going on at your house?!
I go insane after I work two days at home...i can't imagine being SNOWED IN! I liked Shanna's comment about the baby boom! haha that made me laugh!
I sure hope it lets up for you, so you can get your shopping done and go to your family's...

Emily said...

Hmmmm too bad I've got a bum leg...
...I might've been able to get in on that baby boom business!!

Oh well.

Emily said...

By the me absolutely nuts, but I love the snow...even this much snow. But I have a husband who will drive in just about anything, so I'm never really stranded.
We are going on 3 feet now... :)
We're breaking the records!!!
Too bad it's so close to Christmas though!

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