Friday, January 2, 2009

I am tagging all of my readers!!!

That's right ... re-post this fun little survey I snagged from the funny and sweet, Miss Amy. Be sure to comment letting me know to check out your blog!!

Random Thoughts

Where is your cell phone? On the kitchen counter next to my purse

Your significant other? He might just be in the bath tub (but you didn't hear that from me!)

Your hair? Needs to be dyed soon ... dark chocolate, but right now it is up in a ponytail.

Your mother? German

Your father? French-Italian

Your favorite thing? Plural - shopping, eating, internet, traveling, etc ...

Your dream last night? I actually didn't go to sleep until 8am - didn't have time to dream before my boys woke me up!

Your favorite drink? Non-alcoholic: my complicated green tea latte or sweet tea Alcoholic: I am a vodka girl - no hangovers when you stick to vodka!

Your dream/goal? To be debt free - we will get there some day!

What room are you in? in my bedroom snuggled up in bed

Your hobby? Does shopping count? Photography (nothing professional, just my boys) and blogging

Your fear? Not being able to live long enough to see my boys grow older, and snakes! I swear one will kill me one day!

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Let's see - I will be turning 33, Maddox will be turning 11, and Sean will be 8 years old - HOLY COW! I will probably have a fun part-time job and loving life with my 3 guys!

Where were you last night? After dinner at my parents house, I was laying in bed all night watching TV (damn insomnia!)

Something that you aren't? Fake - I try to keep it real (and try to be nice at the same time)

Muffins? Tops only ... mmmmm!!

Wish list item? a new purse maybe

Last thing you did? Put the boys to bed and checked my email

What are you wearing? sweatpants and a long sleeve tee - comfy jammies!

TV? We have 5 in our house!!

Your pets? One very sweet and gentle Siberian Husky named Sadie Girl, and a tadpole with no name.

Friends? Of course, cuz I am cool like that!

Your life? is absolutely amazing! I am so blessed!

Your mood? I am so tired - I took some Nyquil because I am still sick and don't want to pull another all-nighter. This stuff knocks me right out!

Missing someone? Papa Tuddy (my grandpa) ... he died a long time ago, and it would have been so great to be sharing life with him today. He would have been amazing with my boys!

Smoking? Oh hell no!! Don't even get me started!!

Your car? My 2007 Tahoe ... love it! My hubby hit a huge piece of ice tonight though and busted something unber the front bumper. Sigh.

Something you're not wearing? Socks - I never wear them in bed!

Your favourite store? Gosh - too many to choose from!!

Your favourite color? Purple

When is the last time you cried? Probably when watching TV - I always get so caught up in the moment!

Who will repost this? I am hoping everyone (I need to stay entertained somehow!)

Where do you go to over and over? Maddox's preschool and shopping/out to eat with my gram

Person who messages you regularly? Text? Probably Miss Jackie the most.

Favorite place to eat? Stanfords, Panera, Nautical Nellies (a rarity - it's a steakhouse in Canada)

Place you'd like to be right now? In La La Land ... I am sooo tired!!

Kisses? Hershey's!!

Hugs? Bring them on!! The tighter the better!

Favorite music? Pop, hip hop

What did u get for christmas? Mayfaire Uggs, Northface jacket, clothes, Britney Spears CD, oh the list goes on and on ... I was spoiled!!

Are you sick of the snow? Say it with me: NO MORE SNOW, NO MORE SNOW!!

Favorite weather? Love the fall - not quite cold weather, not super hot ... perfect!! Also love the summer time - the warmer the better!! I hate being cold!

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Dana said...

Ok I just posted this on my blog. I am such a sucker for surveys :)

And snakes also freak me out!!! Ewwww!!

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