Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Job Wanted

Raising my boys, and being blessed to be able to stay at home, is the most rewarding job anyone could have. I am so thankful and grateful that I have the opportunity to watch every moment of their lives. With my boys getting bigger, and elementary school just around the corner, I often dream of what the perfect job would be. Something part-time to keep me occupied while the kids are in school. So, I have come up with a few dream jobs that I would be willing to look at offers for. The salary would, of course, have to be comparable to that of a CEO of a prominent, high-earning company. We all know the job description of a mom and wife, and being I have yet to see a pay check, the job has to offer adequate compensation for all my life experience.

  • Taste Tester - someone to cook for me with the only expectation that I give an honest opinion of the foods. I wouldn't have to clean up, or hear any complaints, or have to negotiate desserts with how many more bites have to be taken. Meals would be served at proper temperatures being I would be the first priority to sample, and the job would require sitting down at a table for the entire meal.
  • Cleaning Inspector - walk around with my little white gloves on. Inspect closets, under beds, bathrooms, and kitchens making sure they are sanitized and organized to the highest of standards. Laundry to be inspected for proper stain removal and sock matching, and to be folded and organized neatly in their designated spaces.
  • Personal Shopper - shopping at the mall all day, spending other people's money. I would be willing to accept shopping credits for this particular position. Strollers and children are not allowed during work hours, but lunch with the husband or girlfriends is highly recommended. Minimum of two Starbucks breaks are required each shift, and occasional massages will be assigned for employee well-being.

Hee, hee. It would be easier to win the lottery, but that's another post. It's fun to dream a little. :o)


Sassy Cass said...

My vote is for the Personal Shopper. That sounds just a little too perfect!

Anonymous said...

I say personal shopper too!

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