Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun night out with my man ...

My hubby's favorite sports team evah is the Portland Trail Blazers. His life can revolve around these guys at times, and when they lose Tim goes into a minor depression. When the NBA season starts each year, my hubby's season tickets get delivered to the house, and you would have thought that he'd won the Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's factory. He glows. Like when I get a new outfit.
So being with my man for 10 years now, I have developed a love for the game. The Blazers are my boys. I love going to the games and cheering them on. I have a fondness for Brandon Roy (B-ROY!!!) ... and I absolutely cannot stand the arrogant and cocky Kobe Bryant. So anytime the two of them go head to head, I am right there yelling and screaming!
Tonight, Tim and I went to the Blazers - Lakers game, and had a blast watching our team BEAT L.A. 111-94 (aww-yeah!!). One of our guys was injured pretty badly tonight and was carried off on a stretcher. Watching our boys get all up in the Lakers faces and ready to throw down showed just how much heart and passion they have for their team and for the sport.
I personally found it pretty hot. Ha!


Emily said...

Glad you had fun!
I'm way less tolerant of this team and my husband's mild obsession.
I used to love going to the game when I had a boss that had really good tickets.
I used to take Ryan all the time. He says that I did the old "bait and switch".
But I can't get those tickets anymore and just find watching it on TV B-O-R-I-N-G!!! If thats not bad enough, he has to listen to it on the radio sometimes. Ack.
Good for you for being so supportive.
SHHHHHHHH don't tell my hubby, he might be jealous! :)

Sassy Cass said...

Sounds like such a fun night! I have to say I'm totally jealous of you right now...beachin it over the weekend, hubby date on a week night, Vegas trip coming up... Have I mentioned I'm going to San Juan in May? Yep, I'm trying to make myself feel better.:)

Anonymous said...

Love the Blazers too!!! Poor Rudy :( What an awesome game to be at! David's a hard core fan too and we love going whenever we can!

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