Monday, March 2, 2009

More personal things you probably don't need to know about me ...

I have an IUD ... the 5-year Mirena. While I absolutely love not having to worry about taking a pill every day, (cuz you all know my brain is totally shot and I can't remember what I had for dinner last night let alone remember to take my birth control pills!), I never know when I will be getting a period. Sometimes I will have one, sometimes not. When I do get one, it is very light and only lasts a few days, but my symptoms can be just as big as anyone else's!

Here are the top 5 reasons I know Miss Monthly is paying a visit:

1. I retain water like a whale.
2. I go from happy to get the hell outta my way in a matter of minutes, with no warning.
3. Patience? What's patience?
4. My Siberian Husky and I would be a great match in a hair shedding contest.
5. HUNGRY is an understatement ... I binge!

It is this time of the month when I get the motivation to hit the gym because I feel like a cow. Energy levels are sucked out of me though, so all I can do is talk about how I'll get there when this time passes. Afterall, no girl wants to get her arse kicked at the gym when she already feels like she's been sucker-punched! Hubby has been a peach at trying to motivate me (and dealing with my bad-ass attitude), so maybe I'll meet him there after he gets done with work. The boys love the kids club and would appreciate the break away from me - ha! If anything, maybe I'll just go sit in the sauna and try to de-bloat.


Jodee said...

#2 & #3 my hubs always says I am Bipolar when I do that! So that is what it is called...PMS!!!!

good luck getting back into the swing of working out!

Jess and Jodie Bergers said...

Mine has only gotten worse as I get older and I don't seem to figure it out until it finally shows up. I guess everyone is afraid to tell me I'm in a bad mood. :-)

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